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Flowlu is an easy for use online finance management software designed for small businesses to manage their finances and stay on top of their cash flow.
Track Finance For Multiple Businesses / FLowlu Finance Management Software

Online Finance Management
For Multiple Businesses

Flowlu also allows using multiple organizations within one system. The Flowlu interface presents you with the options that enable you to efficiently deal with your clients. It accommodates teams with more than two business entities. You also have an option of setting logos for your invoices, defining your terms of payment and many other related settings.

Custom Bank Accounts Tracking

The ability to create accounts that gives you the insights into how money is flowing on every account and the amount of money present in this account is just the best thing that every entrepreneur is looking for. Flowlu enables you to link transactions to a bank account, Paypal, credit card or even cash and be able to see all your financial reports all in a single interface.

Custom Bank Accounts / FLowlu Finance Management Software
Powerful Finance Reports / FLowlu Finance Management Software

Powerful Finance Reports

Flowlu presents you with tools that let you improve your Cash Flow using powerful reporting, have better insights on where you spent more and where you need to catapult revenue growth! Now you will have a clear picture on the cost spent on projects and have better insights on what needs improvement.

Online Finance Categories Management Software

Finance management is a sensitive part of your business. Our finance tools enable you to customize finance categories to increase efficiency of your financial operations. You can have categories such as office rent, product sales product, fees, investments, salaries etc.

Ease To Use Finance Categories Management / FLowlu Finance Management Software

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