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Easily track and handle your company's revenue, optimize expenses and move forward with financial success

Handle Cash Flow With Ease

Record company expenses, received payments and transfers and add notes to the records. Whether it's salaries, travel expenses, office supplies, income from sales or investments, instantly access all records and create, edit, or duplicate them in just a click. Maintain all financial records in one single place!

Handle Cash Flow With Flowlu

Track Expenses and Payments

Classify your expenses and received payments with financial categories to gain a clear picture of your cash flow. Easily create any number of categories such as rent, product sales, fees, advertising, salaries, etc. to concentrate on the separate areas and set smarter financial objectives.

Track Expenses and Payments with Flowlu

Issue Invoices

Create and send professional invoices in a few seconds and impress your customers.​ Use fully-customizable templates to add your logo, adjust the layout, change colour scheme or apply fields specific to your business. Learn more...

Invoces in Flowlu

Get Paid Online

Easily set up integration with major online payment gateways to let clients pay right from your invoice. Get notified when a payment is made and automatically record payments to save your team’s time and effort!

Online Payments in Flowlu

Create Estimates

Easily craft, customize and email personalized estimates in a click. Include discounts, taxes, shipping charges, line items, terms and conditions, and customer notes. Instantly convert estimates to invoices as soon as your customer accepts it and get paid faster!

Flowlu Project Time Tracking

Plan Project Budget

Cash flow planning is a key to successful project implementation. Easily forecast project revenue, calculate costs and compare these against actual results. Control plan fulfilment and monitor overall project profitability.

Plan Project Budget with Flowlu

Manage Multiple Businesses

Add multiple organizations under a single Flowlu account and get an overview of the financial performance of all your companies. Create and customize estimates and invoices, add templates, track cash flow and easily access detailed financial reports for each organization within seconds!

Manage Multiple Businesses with Flowlu

Add Bank Accounts

Keep track of the money coming in and going out of your business by adding bank accounts. Categorize and link transactions to a bank account, Paypal, credit card or even cash and be able to see all your financial data all in one single place.

Add multiple accpounts in Flowlu

Gain Insights With Financial Reports

With powerful reports, have a better understanding of your business performance. Get a clear picture of the company’s revenue and expenses, visualize your data using graphs and charts and have a better understanding of how your business is doing and what exactly needs improvement.

Gain Insights With Financial Reports in Flowlu

Collaborate With Team

Use comments to easily collaborate on your invoices or estimates, leave notes or attach files. Instantly draw your colleagues’ attention with @mentions or request a response from your colleagues if you require their expert assistance.

Collaborate with team in Flowlu

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