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Flowlu is an online invoicing software that allows businesses to create stunning invoices, get paid online and automate your billing.

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Flowlu Awesome Invoicing Software
Simple, Customizable, Effective

Free your team from doing repetitive and manual tasks and let Flowlu take care of your invoicing and estimating

Manage Invoices Effortlessly

Craft professional invoices in a few seconds and impress your customers with the online invoicing software.​ Use fully-customizable templates to add your logo or personal message, adjust the layout or apply colour scheme specific to your business. Add taxes, discounts, shipping charges to single line items or invoice totals and Flowlu will instantly calculate it for you.

Flowlu Invoice Form

Share and Send Invoices

Email invoices directly to your clients or copy a link to simply share it in a chat. Customers can view the invoice in real-time, print it out, download it as a PDF file or even pay it online. Invoicing has never been so easy!

Invoice Sending Form

Create Templates

Need to issue many similar invoices with the same line items? Avoid entering the same data twice and make your life easier — create invoice templates and issue invoices within 20-30 seconds.

Flowlu Invoice Template

Automate Invoice Processing

Enhance invoice processing efficiency and mitigate the risk of human errors. Set up automation rules for your invoices and let Flowlu do the manual work for you. You can create as many automation rules as you need with specific conditions and criteria. Customize and automate invoicing processes to achieve better results and improve accuracy.

Flowlu Invoice Template

Make Invoices Recurring

Require to charge the same clients the same amount on a regular basis? Save time and ensure you always get paid on time with recurring invoices. Automatically generate and send invoices to the customers based on the schedule and preferences you choose. Speed up payments and focus on what really matters!

Flowlu Project Management

Get Payment Online

Easily set up integration with major online payment gateways to let clients pay right from your invoice. Get notified when a payment is made and automatically record payments to save your team’s time and effort with web-based invoicing app!

Flowlu Invoice External Page

Quickly Add Items to Invoices

Organize your list of products and services in Flowlu and capture vital information like manufacturer, price, category, etc. Effortlessly add items to your invoices and send them to your clients.

Flowlu Products and Services Catalog

Keep Track of Billable Time

Track how many hours your team spend working on projects, easily log their billable hours and invoice customers in a single click. Save time, enhance productivity and increase your revenue!

Flowlu Time Tracking

Send Invoices for Approval

Enable invoice approval and verify invoices before sending them to clients. Increase the accuracy and efficiency of your accounting and avoid any errors in invoice processing with the online invoicing solution.

Flowlu Invoice Approval

Manage Multiple Businesses

Do you have multiple companies with individual employees and clients? You're looking at the right software. Flowlu enables you to add multiple organizations under a single account and track the financial performance of several businesses so easily.

Flowlu Powerful Reports

Get a Clear Picture With Invoicing Reports

With Flowlu online invoicing software, get consolidated information of all financial data among all your companies along with unpaid invoices or invoices that are over 30 days past due. Visualize your data using graphs and charts and easily identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the small business’s invoicing.

Flowlu Invoice Report

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