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Backlog Prioritization

Utilize Agile project management tool to easily prioritize issues, organize them with categories, tags, and filters, and distribute across your team. Divide tasks into smaller manageable chunks using subtasks and checklists.

Flowlu Backlog Prioritization

Issue Types

Use bug issue type to track problems with software functionality. Capture feature requests with story issue type or choose task issue type for other project-related tasks. Focus on what brings true value to your customers!

Flowlu Issue Types

Custom Project Workflow

Every team has a unique process for product or software delivery. Use default agile workflow, or create one to match the way your team works. Determine a set of statuses that clearly communicate what stage a task is in.

Flowlu Custom Project Workflow

Accurate Estimations

Estimations help your team be more efficient and deliver the desired product to the customers without delay. Use story points, hours, t-shirt sizes, or your own estimation technique. Flowlu Scrum management tool supports them all.

Flowlu Accurate Estimations

Project Burndown Report

Track your sprint estimate burndown with ease and visualize progress against time. Always be aware of the project's performance and whether the tasks can be finished on schedule.

Flowlu Project Burndown Report

Kanban Board

Easily visualize and optimize your workflow with a Kanban board which gives you full workflow visibility and helps you identify potential task delays.

Flowlu Kanban Board

Seamless Collaboration for Agile Team

Start a discussion about a particular issue with your colleagues by @tagging them in a comment or requesting a response. Create group chats to publish status messages or schedule scrum meetings.

Flowlu Seamless Collaboration

Instant Notifications

Get efficient notifications for status updates, new issue assignees, published comments, etc. Use intuitive settings to choose the updates to follow.

Flowlu Instant Notifications

Time Tracking

With online Agile project management software, use time tracker to control and estimate the actual time spent in completing the team’s tasks and issues.

Flowlu Time Tracking

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