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How to Track Your Organizational Growth in 2024

Kristen Chung
Kristen Chung
March 1, 2024
6 min read
How to Track Your Organizational Growth in 2024
Think about all the money and time you’ve invested into your business. In case you’re starting one from scratch, imagine the everyday efforts, the preparations, and sweat you are going to put into your startup business.

While emptying your pockets and investing so much into a business, there comes the responsibility of having a closer and deeper understanding of how everything is working. With growth comes increased responsibility, and one of them is tracking the growth of your business. But how?

The simplest method to keep an account of the growth of your organization is to use some productivity software. Integrating all your functions onto software can help keep it secure and track its progress through the software.

This saves time, money, and energy. Productivity software typically has dashboard functionalities that show you the status of your business. It provides an analytic view of your organizational health.

Why Do You Need to Track Your Organization’s Growth With Specifics?

The primary and essential reason why you should track your organizational growth is because of how much you have invested and contributed towards its existence and present state. Knowing organizational health is beneficial for every step you take ahead. Now let’s get into specific reasons for why you should track your organizational growth.

  • To know your progress: An organization is built with the help of different people and is created with the help of different entities. Knowing your progress means knowing the working state of the entities within your business. The organization’s health tracker helps you understand the health of every entity within your business.
  • To improve your product and services: The organization tracker has an account of how every product and service is functioning in the market. It provides precise data of what influences the organization’s health and what is not. This allows organizations to alter and modify their products and services with better quality and standards.
  • To enhance your profitability: Knowing your organizational health and developing your products and services eventually leads to increased profitability. The better working operations and the increase in customer approach automatically influenced by the organizational tracker elevates the profit rate of the organization.

How Can You Track Your Growth?

As mentioned above, productivity software is a great solution for tracking your organizational growth. Most software does not just track organization, but they also help manage different functions like streamlining work orders, generating estimates and invoices, helping technicians, and more.

Some of the software mentioned below helps create, customize, and view the dashboards, which helps track the organization’s growth. Other software also helps manage different aspects of the business like finance, project management, and more.

Here is a list of efficient software solutions that can help track your business’ progress rate right from where you are.

  • Field Promax: This is a field service management software that helps businesses manage their field technicians, fieldwork, and their organization all in one place. The field service software has a dashboard that provides graphical metrics of different parts of the organization. Owners can choose which entity they wish to view and get real-time updates on their work order progress on the dashboard. Its online dashboard gives real-time access from any connected device. The dashboard increases the performance of the business and increases profitability.
  • Flowlu: It is an all-in-one solution to manage your entire team, projects, resources and clients. It is widely used among numerous industries including construction, marketing and advertising, education and information technologies, business and legal consultancies. Flowlu incorporates dozens of reports to track your financial growth, team productivity and project performance in real-time.
  • QuickBooks: It is accounting software and generates profitability reports and metrics. This helps businesses track their finance and manage their bookkeeping. The integration between Field Promax or any software and QuickBooks helps run an efficient field operation with reduced expenses. It generates accurate revenue reports, an integral contribution to your business.
  • Caspio: It is a low-code platform that allows businesses to design and create dashboards. Their web dashboards provide data on ongoing operations and help analyze data in just a glance. The software ensures the latest KPIs required for better decision-making. Caspio also provides all the necessary tools to build a custom dashboard without coding. It’s simple and easy to use.
  • iDashboards: They allow customers to build their dashboards, customize them and use them however they want. Customers can use and modify their dashboards from any device, including their mobile phones. Their drag and drop features make customizing easier. They also provide a drill-down feature where customers can see detailed information within each dashboard data. It unwinds different layers beneath the graph shown on the dashboard.
  • Klipfolio: It is a cloud-based web app that keeps track of all your business data. It helps track KPIs, understand and visualize the crucial metrics. Their real-time data features give instant reports on the business progress and status. It collects data from integrated sources and converts them into metrics. They are visualized on the dashboard for the business to get a clear view and customize or tailor it to their needs.

Benefits of Using Software to Track Your Growth

Save time and energy

By using software, all the data and information are uploaded to the cloud platform. This helps save time and energy doing them manually. The software’s dashboard features provide all the required information in one place and in real-time.

Increase efficiency and accuracy

The integrated AI provides accurate information and a better understanding of the organization’s health. The better the decisions, the better profitability, and efficiency of the company and its employees. The dashboard feature of the software helps businesses increase their productivity with adequate modifications and necessary upgrades.

The clear view helps decision making

Their detailed and readily available data helps with decision-making. They help with strategic planning and future business operations. It provides insights on which sectors need attention and which sector is working well.

Tracking organizational growth is important for businesses to understand what is happening in their company and if it’s improving or not. It helps with better decision-making and increases profitability. This helps you reap all the sweat, time, and efforts you have invested in the building of your business.

About the Author

Code is the central element that governs Joy Gomez’s universe; how he thinks, and how he lives. He is a self-taught, process-driven programmer and a first-generation immigrant from Southern India. He has completed engineering school while working full time with generous support and scholarships from employers due to his high productivity and drive. He is and has a Black belt in Lean Six Sigma. He has created Field Promax to pursue his natural-born expertise – code, streamline processes, and code more.

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Tracking your organization's growth with specifics is crucial for several reasons:

  • To know your progress: Understanding the working state of the entities within your business. 
  • To improve your products and services: Analyzing data to enhance quality and standards.
  • To enhance profitability: Increasing profitability through better operations and customer approach.

The most efficient method to track your organization's growth is by utilizing productivity software. These software solutions offer dashboard functionalities that provide an analytic view of your organizational health, allowing you to monitor progress, improve products and services, and enhance profitability.

Here are some recommended software solutions that can help you track your organization's growth effectively:

  1. Field Promax: Field service management software with a dashboard for real-time updates on work orders.
  2. Flowlu: All-in-one solution for managing teams, projects, resources, and clients with real-time reports.
  3. QuickBooks: Accounting software for generating profitability reports and managing finances efficiently.
  4. Caspio: Low-code platform for designing custom dashboards and analyzing ongoing operations.
  5. Dashboards: Customizable dashboard solution with drill-down features for detailed data analysis.
  6. Klipfolio: Cloud-based web app for tracking and monitoring business performance.

These software solutions offer diverse functionalities to help you track and manage your organization's growth effectively in 2024.

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