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9 Project Management Podcasts to Improve Your Management Style

April 14, 2021
4 min read
9 Project Management Podcasts to Improve Your Management Style

As a project manager, you’ve already got the MBA and years of experience in your field. Why should you check out project management podcasts? As a tool, they’re amazing for updating your knowledge on the go. They don’t have to go through lengthy approval processes, so the information you get is as up to date as it gets. Plus, they’re made by project managers just like you. Here are the 9 top podcasts you need to be listening to right now.

1. The Sensible Project Manager Podcast

This is an excellent podcast to start with. Hosted by Mark Phillipy, the show focuses on all aspects of project management. This includes the day to day life of your role, as well as more personal goals and practical advice.

Phillipy’s journey as a project manager started when he got married and went on to have eight kids. He believes that he started learning about project management at home, and so he’s brought these lessons to work with him. Listening to this podcast, you’ll get the benefit of that experience too.

2. Manage This

The Manage This podcast, hosted by expert project managers Andy Crowe and Bill Yates, covers all kinds of topics. They’ll touch on project management certification, the role of a project manager, and more.

‘This podcast is perfect if you want to hear from the experts’, says Dylan Mann, a writer with Assignment Help and OXEssays. ‘You can get lots of valuable information as they talk about their experiences, which then you can use in your own role.’

3. Project Chatter

This podcast is run by Val and Dale, two project managers from two very different places in the world. Their podcast is unfiltered, so if you want a true look into the world of project management, this is the podcast for you.

The hosts focus on the latest trends in project management, as well as tips on best practices that are approved by the experts.

4. Project Management Happy Hour

Hosted by Kim Essendrup and Kate Anderson, this podcast aims to cover real-life issues in the world of project management. Their episodes cover topics like ‘Who owns this baby when I’m done?’ and ”They told me I’m too nice” – how to deal with in-actionable feedback.’

This podcast is for you if you want something that’s unvarnished, and helps you get ahead in your field.

5. People And Projects Podcast

This is a highly popular podcast, with well over 200 episodes to check out. It covers issues monthly, such as leadership and management.

‘One of the best things about this podcast is that you can earn PDUs through listening’ says project manager Patricia Harrow, who works with UKWritings and State Of Writing. ‘You can even keep track of them through the free Excel chart they provide you with which is great.’

6. The Lazy Project Manager

If you’re a new project manager, this is the podcast to listen to. Hosted by expert Peter Taylor, you’ll hear everything from tips for young project managers to personal productivity and more.

You’ll also find episodes where Taylor is joined by other experts, and you’ll be able to get even more value from listening.

7. 5 Minutes Project Management Podcast

As a project manager, you just don’t have a lot of time to listen to in-depth podcasts. Ricardo Vargas knows this, and so he’s created the 5 Minutes Project Management Podcast. Each episode is just 5 minutes long and packs a lot of info into that time frame.

8.Project Management Paradise

This podcast covers issues that project managers the world over experience, such as having too many projects running at once, or lack of project funding. With lots of expert guests, you can get lots of ideas and solutions here.

9. The Biker PM

The Biker PM is a podcast for small businesses and business owners. It covers the unique issues small business owners have when it comes to project management, and host Anthony Pavelich will tell you about his own experiences, so you can learn from them.

Listen to these podcasts to find out more about project management, and pick the brains of some of the best PMs out there. You’re be bound to learn a lot.

About the author: Lauren Groff is an experienced project manager, writing about the role for sites like Do My Assignment and Big Assignments. She also tutors with Essay Services.

Photo by Ivan Samkov: Pexels

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