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Role Of CRM In Travel And Tourism Industry

Flowlu Team
Flowlu Team
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Role Of CRM In Travel And Tourism Industry
It's hard to find someone who doesn't like traveling. No matter if you like to try different foods, get to know different cultures, or if you just want to spend a good time with your family or friends, traveling is perfect. 

In the modern world, travel and tourism is a developing industry. And if you think about it, it goes hand-in-hand with new technologies. Most of the time, people look out for the trustable of all travel agencies to get their job done. From arranging transportation to hospitality and destination services. Travel agencies offer a complete package to their customers.

If you do have a travel agency, you know that you need to offer better customer service not only to bring in more customers but also to retain existing ones. So, to make sure that you stay ahead of the competition, you need to start using a travel agency CRM like Flowlu. This way, it will be easier to manage your operations without any hassle and, at the same time, avoid the trouble of making customers unhappy.

The Tourism Industry

Even though we mentioned the travel and tourism industry above, the truth is that travel and tourism aren't always related. If you think about it, there are many different reasons for traveling. You may be simply looking to move to a different city or state, or even country to look for better jobs, or you may be traveling for business.

On the other hand, modern tourism is organized and involves an optimal number of participants. This makes it a completely different industry since it generates employment for many people, both directly and indirectly.

What Is CRM In The Tourism Industry?

CRM (customer relationship management) in the tourism industry is a system or a tool that helps travel and tourism companies to manage their customer relationships from the cloud.

Ultimately, a CRM system like Flowlu can assist in improving both customer retention and increasing sales.

One of the best things about using a CRM system like Flowlu is that it covers all the aspects of the travel and tourism industry. It includes travel agents, hotels, tour operators, activity managers, and even destination service agents.

Even though there are many general CRM systems on the market that you can use for this industry, it is better to stick with one that is designed specifically for the travel and tourism industry like Flowlu.

But why do you need a CRM system in the first place? Can't you stick with the tools that you are already using?

The simple answer to both questions is no. Let's say that you are a manager in a travel agency. You know that your services aren't restricted to a single destination. Besides, as some of these destinations become more popular, you will see an increase in tourists from across the world. This means that there will be other travel agencies offering services to these same locations. So, you need to have a good plan that allows you to not only retain your current customers but also to get new ones. Just think of the offers and reviews that your travel agency has that allow it to stand out.

To make sure that you can remain competitive in this environment, you need to use the right tools to run your business. And the right tool is a CRM system like Flowlu.

6 Benefits Of Using A CRM System In The Tourism Industry

#1: Lead Management:

As soon as you notice that you don't have a consistent sales process or that you don't have a single source of leads, you need to start using a CRM system like Flowlu.

With our CRM system based on the cloud, you have multiple customer management applications that can help you keep track of your leads and convert them into customers.

On our simple and intuitive platform, you can easily see the journey of each one of your leads and customers. From capturing a lead to nurturing it, and then seeing it moving further through your sales pipeline. Since you'll have a complete overview of your sales pipeline, you'll be able to determine where your leads are coming from, the ones that are converting into customers, and discover why others simply abandon your sales process. When you do so, you get a good insight into the problem that you may be facing and address it.

#2: Keep Track Of Payments:

Keeping track of payments is a huge part of your business. And the good news is that doing this is incredibly easy when you are using Flowlu.

Simply put, if you decide to use Flowlu in your travel agency, you can collect payments right from the platform and track the status of the payments of each customer separately. You can use the payment Gateway that you prefer. Integrating it into Flowlu is easy and only takes you a couple of clicks.

#3: Email Management:

Sending and responding to emails is another very important task that travel agencies have. After all, this industry is effective in many different shifts. From the weather to seasons or any other external factors, it is the responsibility of the travel agency to keep customers informed on minute changes. This means that you need to have an email management system that can make your work easy.

Inside Flowlu's platform, you can find an email inbox ready to be used. From here, you can communicate with your customers without any problem. But more than this, you can keep track of all the conversations between your business and the customer. This gives you a deeper knowledge about your customer and the best way to communicate with him.

#4: Advanced Reporting:

Reporting is crucial to any industry, including the travel and tourism industry. And with Flowlu, you have all the reporting that you need to manage and grow your business.

Overall speaking, you need to know the stats so you can calculate the current trance and speculate the sales forecasts. When you are using Flowlu, you can use reports and dashboards to keep track of your current performance including your conversion rate, and goal completions, and predict future sales.

With our advanced reports that also include charts and graphs, you can have a great insight into your leads, customers, and opportunities. With this information, you can then measure the performance of your sales and agents.

#5: User Management:

Having an efficient booking system is crucial for any travel agency. After all, you want to avoid double bookings and booking on busy days.

When you have a streamlined process, your agents can easily manage all the bookings, check their calendars for availability, and ensure accurate delivery of services. But when you are using a CRM system like Flowlu, you also have the ability to keep track of previous bookings of a customer directly from their profile. With this information in your hands, it will be easier to understand more about each one of your customers. After all, you will know more about their loyalty but also about their preferred destinations. You can then use Flowlu to send targeted emails based on your customer's preferences.

#6: Alerts & Notifications:

There's no question that your customers are the center of your business. And if you put yourself in their shoes, it's easy to understand that they like when they get reminders and alerts on any updates related to their services. When you are using a CRM for travel agencies like Flowlu, you can use it to automate certain tasks. For example, you may set it to send automatic notifications to customers based on any action related to their accounts.

Bottom Line

With more demanding customers and new technologies arising all the time, you want to make sure that your travel agency continues to stand out. The best and easiest way to achieve this is by starting using a CRM system like Flowlu.

You will not only have all your data collected, stored, and organized but you also be able to take advantage of it to get more customers and convert existing customers into recurring ones.

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