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What is CRM life cycle?

Flowlu Team
Flowlu Team
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What is CRM life cycle?
To continue to be successful and expand, a business must have a solid understanding of the client lifetime, which is possible by Flowlu.

Customer relationship management is referred to as CRM. The term "customer relationship management" refers to a broader approach to dealing with customers, but in practice, the abbreviation CRM is most frequently used to refer to the class of products that make effective CRM possible.

Customer lifecycle is a word used in customer relationship management (CRM) to describe the sequence of activities a customer takes when contemplating, buying, utilizing, and remaining loyal to a product or service. Flowlu is best CRM that help your business to run smoothly. Your cooperation initiatives can get off to a faster start with Flowlu. Professional collaboration tools and apps in one location.

The customer lifetime is divided into five separate steps by marketing experts Jim Sterne and Matt Cutler: reach, acquisition, conversion, retention, and loyalty. Flowlu provides most efficient ways to run a business. To put it simply, this entails attracting a potential customer's attention, educating them about a company's offerings, converting them to paying clients, and then keeping them as a devoted client whose contentment with the good or service encourages additional clients to join the cycle. The customer lifecycle is sometimes represented by an ellipse, illustrating the notion that customer retention is actually a cycle and that an efficient CRM strategy aims to keep the client moving through the cycle. Adding further detail to each of the five client lifecycle stages:


During this phase, a consumer becomes familiar with a company's goods or services for the first time. Social media, advertisements, word-of-mouth from friends, or other sources may have helped spread the news. Flowlu helps you to establish a connection between the brand and a present or potential demand, regardless of whether the buyer has an urgent need for the good or service.


With the help of Flowlu you will learn how to strengthens the relationship that the previous stage had already begun to make between a brand and a customer's need. Customers can learn more about the company's offers in this stage by visiting the website, speaking with a salesperson, or using or testing things in a shop.


Here is where buyers actually make a purchase of a good or service. Understanding the main factors that buyers use to make purchases will help you position your products so they stand out against similar offerings.


The goal now that a new customer has been gained is to assist them in finding satisfaction and value in the goods and services. Flowlu helps to understand consumer satisfaction and deal with any issues that may develop, a business can accomplish this by conducting surveys and phone calls. Studies have shown that keeping current customers is more cost-effective than finding new ones, hence customer retention is crucial.


It is most important stage, that can be achieved by Flowlu service. During the loyalty stage, pleased customers keep using the product or renew their subscriptions for subscription-based services. Loyal clients may choose to use additional services or buy more expensive products. Loyal clients will also tell their friends, family, and coworkers about the goods and services.

The value of customer lifecycles

All-in-one business management software is Flowlu. To continue to be successful and expand, a business must have a solid understanding of the client lifetime, which is possible by Flowlu. The lifetime should not be managed in silos but rather as a whole. For instance, if a company only concentrates on the early stages (such as reach, acquisition, and conversion) while ignoring the post-purchase stages, it will suffer in the long run. The company may be successful in gaining new clients, but these clients will eventually become dissatisfied and leave, leading to customer churn.

Instead than concentrating on a few stages of the lifecycle, businesses should optimize and improve all five. Flowlu provides all the tools you need for effective business organisation, from sales and team collaboration to project and task management. Metrics can be used by businesses to assess the effectiveness of each stage. For instance:

  • Reach: Branded searches, website visits, and impressions.
  • Acquisition: enquiries and leads.
  • Conversion: Lead conversion rates or opportunity-to-close rates are examples of conversion.
  • Retention: it simply refers to Renewal rates
  • Net promoter scores (NPS) or customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores are indicators of loyalty.

These measures can be monitored over time (for instance, from quarter to quarter or year to year), as well as in comparison to industry benchmarks. Addressing competitive gaps in product or service offerings can be aided by comparing company metrics against competitors (i.e., if that data is made publicly available).

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