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Flowlu’s free unified collaboration software gives you the tools to work on every project together. You can’t run your business if you don’t know what every team member is doing. Oursoftware gets rid of misunderstandings and lets you use every team member’s ideas. Our tools range from an instant messenger to project goal setting. Every single one lets you unite your team to get the job done.

Instant Messenger

Use our built in instant messenger to communicate with your team. With a few clicks you can always be sure they got your messages. Stop having to communicate with different tools and wonder if they checked their Skype or Email.

Conversations & Comments

Conversations and comments make online collaboration easy. As you work on resolve issues, or try to create new features, post comments that will be visible to your entire team. These can range from suggestions on how to move forward, to bugs that need to be fixed.

Mind Mapping Tool

Use mind maps to brainstorm before every project. Communicate with your team to come up with an effective battle plan to tackle issues, and deliver to your users quickly. List good ideas, possible problems, and what to work on first.


Use workspaces to organize your team by task. Sort different people by the task they are working on or business function they have. Your team will know what to focus on, and who their partners are for each project.

Internal Knowledge Base

Create internal knowledge bases to have your important data available 24/7. Have one tool you can use to store everything. Your team will always know who still needs to be followed up on and where to go if they have questions.

Full Featured Mobile App

Our app takes all of Flowlu’s functions to your mobile device. Be able to lead your team, keep customers happy, and work on projects no matter where in the world you are. Always know what deadlines are approaching and what needs to get done.

Powerful Team Task Manager

Use our powerful team task manager to create new tasks in seconds. Describe them, and assign them to your team. Set up to do lists to tell your team exactly what to do for every project. Watch your team work and see how close they are to completion.

Our free unified collaboration software is completely multifaceted. Communication is made easier by features such as our instant messenger. Features like time tracking give you more information about what in your business is being worked on. Your employees will become more efficient through goal sheets and task lists that them exactly what needs to get done.

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