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Product Updates: Agile Projects Improvements

1 min read
Product Updates: Agile Projects Improvements
Explore Agile dashboards, task printing & dozen handy updates!

Our team is delighted to highlight some handy improvements we have made to the Agile Projects over the last few weeks. So, here’s what these enhancements enable you to do:

  • Add new Agile dashboards for projects and issues to your Homepage. Easily track progress and project performance!
  • Print your Agile tasks from the board view to put them on the physical board as paper cards and use during your face-to-face standups. Each card contains an issue name, assignee, project and sprint.
  • Manage tasks from the backlog on the kanban board without initiating a sprint. Before this update, the kanban board showed only tasks from project sprints.
  • Create new sprints and change issue types right from the issue card without opening the editing mode.
  • Quickly create tasks from the Agile board with the new quick add form.
  • Edit agile project workflow right from the board. You can rename your task stages and update its status.
  • Use the Project Details section to quickly update your project info, like project team, workflow, categories.

If you enjoyed these improvements or have questions, please let our team know. We highly appreciate getting your valuable feedback!

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