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The Best Project Management Blogs to Start Reading Today

November 8, 2022
5 min read
The Best Project Management Blogs to Start Reading Today

The art of project management is to handle the projects from the planning stage up to their finalization. To keep track of all the recent trends, the project management newsletters and articles would come in handy. Those are usually available in dedicated professional spaces such as project management blogs. This article provides a list of the best project management blogs, where you can find the latest news and innovations in the sphere.

Best Project Management Blogs to Read in 2022

If you want to develop your professional skills as a project manager, you should be informed about all the recent updates related to this occupation. Those are usually published in the articles and business news on project management blogs.

PM Times

The PM Times platform is the place that can offer more than articles and news for project managers. It has a range of other services that would be essential to keep developing professional skills and advance a career in project management. For instance, there you will find software solutions, webinar announcements, job posts, books, and other resources that could be useful for project managers.

When it comes particularly to the PM Times blog, there are articles published regularly on different aspects of project management. Different authors create articles on this blog and share their personal experiences as project managers.

Rebel’s Guide to Project Management

The author of this blog is Elizabeth Harrin who started her way as a project manager more than 20 years ago. She shares her experiences not only on the project management frameworks and news related to them but also how to manage work-life balance, create a professional network, and communicate with stakeholders.

Apart from the blog section, the website has something more to share with you. Those project managers who want to advance their skills might check the education materials provided by Elizabeth.

The Lazy Project Manager

This blog is handled by Peter Taylor – a famous influencer and writer who has his own philosophy of how project management must be handled. In fact, lazy people tend to find simple solutions to complex tasks. Thus, Peter Taylor explains which tools and tactics to use in order to simplify the project manager’s work.

PM Student

It is not a secret that there is a shortage of IT professionals in many countries. In fact, the demand exceeds supply in the software development industry at the time, so companies usually agree to hire students and teach them. If you also want to start your way in IT as a project manager, then PM Student would be the right place. It contains articles about all the basics that every project manager should know.

Flowlu Blog

This blog is a part of the Flowlu company’s website about its own software that provides complex solutions for businesses. It introduces a project management tool along with the option to control the company’s cash flow, create a sales funnel, and perform other necessary actions that simplify the daily workflow.

Given that Flowlu produces a comprehensive solution for project management, its blog is one of the best on the web. It contains articles about how to write project management reports, how to automate processes, which frameworks for team management are suitable for particular industries, and lots of others.

Yodiz Blog

Yodiz is software for project managers who specifically rely on the Agile approach. This company is also famous for its effective blog management where it talks about the recent software updates along with the news about Agile and Scrum techniques.

Those project managers who use agile practices in their daily work should definitely consider reading this blog. Agile is now the most widely used approach in software development teams. Thus, keeping an eye on changes and transformations within this framework would be essential for delivering the best results in project execution.

Australian Institute of PM

This blog contains many articles that relate to various aspects of project management. For instance, there are articles with interviews with experienced project managers who have coordinated several projects at a time for the sake of the business processes transformation. Also, there are many posts talking about the recent trends in project management software, skills in demand, and professional advice from the experts.

Talent Garden

In case you are looking for one of the best program management blogs about software, project management, and digital transformation, then Talent Garden is the right place for you. This blog provides news about the recent innovations in project management and the spheres adjacent to it. Another advantage of the Talent Garden blog is that its articles are available in different languages.

Capterra Project Management Blog

Capterra is a world’s leading software reviews and selection platform that assists in finding the right apps and software for your business needs. Their blog is focused around software comparison, exploring app alternatives, project management trends and tips, guides and explainer posts for beginners.

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