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Can Flowlu Be Used For Account Management?

Flowlu Team
Flowlu Team
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Can Flowlu Be Used For Account Management?
There's no question that more and more companies from all around the world are putting more emphasis on customer service. However, as they are moving towards it, they are realizing that this can be very demanding. After all, monitoring and maintaining all the accounts and interactions with customers in just one place seems to be hard. 

Up until now, most companies used third-party applications like Excel or PowerPoint which allowed teams to work together. But this is no longer enough. What many companies are already doing is that they're using Flowlu CRM.

With Flowlu CRM, companies can have all the information about their customers in just one place. But more than this, they can process and categorize this information so it can be better accessed.

Customer Relationship Management

With this CRM, it has never been easier not only to get information about your customers and leads but also to store and organize it.

When talking about customers' information, we're not only talking about generic contact details. We are talking about each customer's personal information, interests, how they interact with a product, and records of how and when they got in touch with your company, among so many others. This will allow you to know when a customer is ready to make a purchase and when he can be sold a new product he may be interested in.

But your job won't stop here. After identifying the potential of a customer, you can then automate things a bit. You may plan new activities, new emails or contacts to be made at the time the customer prefers. Ultimately, you won't lose any more sales due to a lack of information or wrong data.

Manage All Relationships From Just One Place

One of the best things about Flowlu is that this CRM isn't only meant for your customer support team. In fact, you can use it to boost your sales and even your marketing campaigns.

Featuring a Kanban board that allows you to get a clear overview of your entire sales process at a glance, everyone will know exactly what to do, how, and when. This is crucial to improve the efficiency of your business and to grow it faster.

With this Kanban board, you can easily drag and drop the cards on the board to make sure everyone is on the same page.

But we also mentioned that your marketing team could benefit from Flowlu's CRM. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. After all, if your marketing team can access the information regarding your customers, they'll be able to build a better buying persona which will make their job easier. They will know how to best talk to your customers and the best way to persuade them to become repeat customers. And the same can be said about fresh, new leads.

As you know, it's a great idea to turn your customers into repeat customers. But when you want to grow your businesses, you also need to keep bringing new customers on board. And this can be done easily if your marketing team knows how to approach them.

Why You Should Consider Flowlu CRM

As you can easily understand, there are many benefits of using Flowlu. These include:

  • easily create new accounts
  • no errors
  • consistency
  • scalable
  • secured system
  • centralize all the accounts and profiles
  • improve your marketing campaigns.

Flowlu - Best Practices

#1: Customize The Data You Need:

With Flowlu, you can easily collect and store information about your customers and leads. However, we also understand that each company has specific needs. This is why you can customize the data that you store with this CRM.

#2: Don't Leave The Platform To Get In Touch:

One of the main advantages of using Flowlu is that you can get in touch with your customers without leaving the platform. With this CRM, you can easily send emails to your leads and customers directly and get notified if your clients open your email or click on any links.

In case you prefer, you can also use telephony to get in touch with customers. After all, you can easily integrate Flowlu with Twilio or Zadarma with just one click. Since we know how important it is to maintain all the records up to date, you'll be able to access automatic call logging and audio recordings.

#3: Account Planning And Management:

One of the main advantages of using Flowlu is the ability it provides to give you a precise analysis of each lead. This is only possible because this CRM manages internal sales activities. However, as you can easily understand, the system needs to have a lot of information so it can provide a precise analysis. This means that you need not only to gather information about your leads but also from your competitors and the overall industry. So, you need to know the information that you want to collect. To answer this, you may ask yourself some questions such as:

  • What are your goals for your business?
  • What purchase methods do you offer and what methods are offered by your competitors?
  • How do your customers like to be approached?

When you incorporate data, you are allowing your employees to access important information about the current customers but also letting them know what their next steps should be when communicating with a specific lead.

With the CRM sales funnels and reports, you'll be able to evaluate the efficiency of sales on each one of the stages, assess sales conversion rate, identify loss reasons and address them.

#4: Use The Right Tools For Each Task:

As a business owner, we don't need to tell you about the importance of using the right tools and resources for each task. Just like with any other tasks, you need to use the right tools and resources when implementing Flowlu.

#5: Events & Follow-Ups:

As a business owner, you know how important it is to maintain everyone on the right page. Well, you can now do this using Flowlu's CRM. You can easily create tasks, delegate them, and even prioritize them. In addition, you also have the possibility of scheduling events with just one click.

Is Flowlu For You?

Simply put, all businesses from all industries can benefit from using Flowlu's CRM. In case you're still questioning if this is the right system for you, here are some of the reasons why you should consider it:

#1: Have All The Information About Customers And Leads Stored:

One of the main benefits of using this CRM is that it allows you to collect all the information you need from your customers and leads. You can easily take a look at any individual account, event, assignment, or contact, which allows you to have plenty of information before reaching your customers and leads.

All purchases, queries, interactions, and engagements are available from one single place. All your employees can easily access valuable information instead of waiting for other departments to provide it for them. This will certainly save time, improve productivity, and increase profits.

#2: Easy Planning:

With Flowlu, all your employees can better communicate with each other. For example, one employee can use a calendar notification to tell another employee he needs to get back to a specific customer.

#3: Team Communication Will Improve:

With this system, team members can communicate with each other and with team leaders at any time. They can speak not only about task details such as customers but also about all the aspects of the business. The main goal is to improve your employees' productivity by allowing them to prioritize their tasks and plan them accordingly.

#4: Take Advantage Of Stored Data:

As we mentioned above, software such as PowerPoint and Excel are no longer enough to maintain all the accounts and interactions with customers in just one place. One of the advantages of using this CRM is that it allows you to predict the requirements of customers.

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