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For the past decade, software teams have been embracing Agile project management methods to increase the speed of their work, improve collaboration, and gain the ability to respond effectively to market trends. But what is it, and how can it help your software team? Let's go through everything you need to know get started, or refine, your Agile project practices and put them to use today.

Why Flowlu?

Whereas traditional software will be solely work-focused, Flowlu recognises the myriad of other in-house and individual tasks which all impact your team's daily productivity. With Flowlu, you can track work across multiple in-house and client-related projects whether you're a consultant, freelancer, contractor, or small agency.

No more double-entry, and no more hassle try to link seperate management systems that don't work well together. Flowlu brings you all customer management and project management functions into one place, complete with built-in time tracking and billing.

A Scrum board is a visualization tool for viewing all of the work in a given sprint. During each sprint planning meeting, a team will move items from the product backlog into the sprint backlog.

A Kanban board is a visualization tool for all of the work being done at any given time. It is structured into columns and lanes which house stories as they pass through on their way to completion.

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Epics & Categories Classification

Your users will be able to tell you exactly what they want. Issues they add will be sorted into different categories or epics. Know which bugs are causing the most trouble. See which features have the most demand and what you should develop first.

Issue Relations

Each issue can have relations to any other issue. Problems are always multidirectional. The relation could be of one of different types: blocked, duplicate, related, or a subtask of another one. Be able to mark what the relation is and how to solve it.

Scrum & Kanban Board

Flowlu’s Agile boards lets you visualize your workflow stages by columns. Always be able to see your work and know what stage everything is in. See what hasn’t been started, what is in progress, and what’s been finished and delivered.

Multiple Issue Types

Multiple issue types lets you keep your different work organized. Create bug reports that your developers need to fix, new features that have to be created and added, and user stories to fulfill to keep your customers happy.

Track & Prioritize Product Requirements

Make sure you are fulfilling the most popular customer requests. As user stories come in, rank them according to importance, and track how close you are to getting them done. Tell your team what stories and issues to work on first, and which member should do it.

Flexible Project Planning Tools

Our flexible project planning tools let you get tasks done quickly and efficiently. See what features customers want the most or what bugs are constantly bothering them. Tell your team what has to be prioritized and be done urgently.

Custom Workflows

Have software that is specified to your company. Your team has a unique process for selling your software or product. Use a default agile workflow, or create a custom one to see where all of your jobs are in your sales process. Set different stages and keep a complete overview.

Issue Estimation

See how much time and how many resources resolving different issues is going to cost. Estimating different user stories in your backlog lets you know how long it’s going to take to deliver everything. Give your customers and team accurate time frames.

Burndown Chart

Use Burndown charts to know exactly how long it’s going to take to resolve each issue. Know whether it’s going to fit in your sprint timeframe. Be able to compare the ideal schedule of execution with the real one.

Sprints Feature

Use Flowlu to carefully plan out Sprints. Meet with your team to plan out your goals and determine how much work you can accomplish in a short 2-4 week period. You’ll have the best tools to improve your service and keep your users happy.

Direct Import From JIRA Software

Built in compatibility lets you quickly import from Jira. Your Scrum boards, Kanban boards, and all of your Agile Reporting will be available for you to use. Import finished projects and new deals you still need to work on.

Full Featured Mobile App

Our app takes all of Flowlu’s functions to your mobile device. Be able to lead your team, keep customers happy, and work on projects no matter where in the world you are. Always know what deadlines are approaching and what needs to get done.


View and track all actions you and your team takes, and bring in-house tasks, personal tasks and client project work into one place.



Flowlu provides you with a simple but powerful method of keeping track of all your customers and their relevant details.


Time Billing

Offer complete clarity to your customers by providing them with detailed time reports, and set billing rates on both projects and staff, select which time is billable, and raise detailed invoice reports.


Repeating Tasks

Sync your tasks with your calendar and make them recurring, and also assign independent reminders and updates onto each task.


For the best agile software available today, try Flowlu for free and find out why software developers and project managers worldwide are flocking to use our tools. From preparing and managing work sprints to detailed reporting and problem solving, Flowlu covers all bases and provides a customisable and powerful agile software experience that is unmatched online today.

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