Annual Report Cash Flow Statement

Online annual report cash flow statement from Flowlu. Link multiple accounts and transactions. Powerful reports give you full insight into cash flow and balances. Raise invoices direct from the software. Break down cashflow, expenses and more in easy to read visual charts. Fully customise invoices and reports with your logos and terms. Separate cash flow into categories for ultimate control.

Free unlimited invoices

Our software lets you invoice your customers directly from the cloud. Create new invoices and send them to customers at lightning speeds. Have previous invoices available on the cloud for easy 24/7 reference.

Share Direct Link & Send by email

Be able to send your team the invoices they need immediately. With just a few clicks, you’ll have several options for sharing company invoices. Send invoices from Flowlu by email, get a direct link to them, or download them for offline storage.

Products & Services Catalog

Create a products and services catalog to make customer billing easy. You’ll have a database with the cost of each one of your products or services. When the time comes, just add them straight to the invoice before you bill your customer.

Taxes, Discounts, Shipping Charges Online

Create different charges that you can individually add or subtract to every invoice. Explain to your customers how much added costs are and where they’re coming from. Separate between added taxes, discounts you can offer, and shipping charges in each invoice.

Reminders For Customers

Don’t worry about billing a customer, and forgetting to follow up. Our reminders for customers lets you send an automatic notification to you and your client. He’ll be followed up on and you’ll know he hasn’t paid yet.

Online payments

Make it easier for your customers to get your money to you. Online payments let your customers pay you directly from the invoice page. They’ll see a detailed list of what the charges are, including taxes, shipping, and any discounts. They can then pay hassle free right from their computer.

Power up your annual report cash flow statement with Flowlu’s powerful finance tools. Use detailed analysis to gain insights into business trends and revenues, track expenditure and create stunning reports. Invoicing is easy with the template customiser and email system. Choose Flowlu today and make your annual report cash flow statement the ultimate document for your business.

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Flowlu - Annual Report Cash Flow Statement