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Free task management for teams

Free task management for teams of all sizes. Time tracking logs time spent on each task, helping to improve efficiency and time management. Delegate tasks using to-do lists and calendars. Communicate with your team using notes, notifications and Flowlu’s instant messenger. Send files quickly and securely ensuring our encrypted servers. Set expectations and see the complete picture of how the project is making progress using Gantt charts for precise management.
Task Control Center
Use our task control center to manage every task from one screen. Create new ones, assign them to different team members, and see how soon they will be done. Always stay on top of deadlines and know you will be able to keep your customers happy.
Free task management for teams
Lightning Fast Task Management
Just hit create a new task, type up the details, and assign it to individual team members. There are no long processing times or complicated forms. You can quickly communicate to your team members what needs to get done.
Free task management for teams
Keep Focus on Important Things
Use task management to prioritize urgent tasks, jobs, and projects. After creating a task, sort it into different focus blocks. Let your team know what to work on first. Be notified of what tasks need your approval, and designate the ones you would like to follow.
Free task management for teams
Powerful Time Tracking
Time tracking lets you see how long you and your team members have worked on each project. Make sure your employees are charging you the right amount. Give your customers an accurate invoice including time spent on their project.
Free task management for teams
Collaboration & Team’s Workload Management
Our collaboration features let you create and assign tasks at lightning speeds. Use online workspaces to see how long your team has worked, and how close they are to completion. You’ll always know which team members are swamped with work, and who’s free for new projects.
Free task management for teams
Team Project Management
Use our team project management to lead remotely. Plan out projects, and create Gantt charts to list every step. Assign tasks to different team members and see how close they are to finishing them.
Free task management for teams
Task Templates
You are likely to assign similar tasks now and again. Instead of creating them from scratch, generate predefined templates and allocate common tasks at two clicks. Determine steps, select assignees and collaborators, add a PDF guideline and configure a reminder. Let Flowlu do the busy work for you!
Free task management for teams
Recurring Tasks
If you need to perform the same set of activities on a regular basis, create recurring tasks to generate tasks automatically at the designated time. Configure recurrence options and automate all the manual, repetitive work. Save your team’s efforts to concentrate on what matters most.
Free task management for teams
Task Reports
Utilize Flowlu’s powerful reports to get a better understanding of your teammate’s progress, assess work performance, study planned and spent time on assignments and outline future work strategies. Determine possible bottlenecks and boost your team’s productivity!
Free task management for teams
Integrate Your Email
Connect your mailbox to Flowlu and send emails to your clients directly from your account. Associate your messages to tasks, contacts, projects or opportunities and track your customer interaction in one spot. Activate open and click tracking to assess the performance of your emails.
Free task management for teams
Instant Messenger
Use our built in instant messenger to communicate with your team. With a few clicks you can always be sure they got your messages. Instantly share opinions and thoughts, send documents, pictures or any other relevant information in real time. Stop having to communicate with different tools and wonder if they checked their Skype or Email.

Why businesses love Flowlu?

An Overall Excellent Product
Flowlu is one of those products that delights with every click on a new feature. I generally don't trust apps that try to be all things, but Flowlu is well designed with business needs and the end user in mind. I can honestly say I read every comparison I could find because making a change is a very big deal. The race was tight, and what he... Read more
Dr. Virginia R.
Dr. Virginia R.
Comprehensive solution for project management and CRM
Flowlu is a comprehensive solution for project management and CRM software. Especially when you don’t want to have a dozen separate systems and drown in integration efforts. The interface is easy to use, and there are some amazing features, such as fully automated task flow inside the system itself. It also has enough customization capabilities ... Read more
Tomas V.
Tomas V.
Flowlu allows businesses to manage projects from anywhere.
This software is great!! So easy to enter information and schedules. This solution keeps me very productive! I have a tendency to try to tackle too much at once and end up with an overwhelming number of unfinished tasks. I like the fact that I can share the tasks and lists with anyone just by using their email addresses. Read more
Alvin Buckley
Alvin Buckley
Events Services
Top notch
Flowlu is easy to grasp out of the gate. The UI/UX is way better than anything else I've tried. What I like most is everything! Flowlu has really thought things through and is looking even brighter for the future! Just take a look at their roadmap and you'll be nothing but impressed. They have a free trial period. I highly recommend yo... Read more
Marcos R.
Marcos R.
Chief Problem Solver
I just love it!
My company was looking for a CRM/Project Management/Client Portal and I immediately recommended Flowlu (I discovered it in my previous job and was seriously impressed). They were quick to implement once they saw what it could do, and they looked at lots of other software. It really does everything very, very well. They're improving all the ... Read more
Shimi M.
Shimi M.
Support Specialist
Pumped about Flowlu
I was looking for a viable platform that would make my business more profitable and easier to run and manage to meet my requirements for a very long time. Some platforms offer similar functions to Flowlu but Flowlu offers speed, performance and overall product quality. I am implementing and testing the platform now in several companies that I ru... Read more
Martin G.
Martin G.
Integrate with your favorite tools
Connect your Flowlu account with other apps via native and third-party premade integrations.
Flowlu - Integration with Imap
Flowlu - Integration with PayPal
Flowlu - Integration with KonnectzIT
Flowlu - Integration with Jira
Flowlu - Integration with Google Calendar
Flowlu - Integration with Integrately
Flowlu - Integration with Jivochat
Flowlu - Integration with Pabbly
Flowlu - Integration with Calendly
Flowlu - Integration with AppyPie
Flowlu - Integration with Square
Flowlu - Integration with Zendesk
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