Sales Contact Management

Sales contact management for businesses of all sizes. Manage leads and clients efficiently using our secure online database. Sales and lead automation diminish admin time, while task delegation increases sales support. Exhaustive reporting and analysis ensure timely sales funnel management, while calendars, notifications and to-do lists keep you on track and on time. Internal communication is empowered with detailed notation and instant messenger facilities.

Why Flowlu

Every client, project, and contact needs to be treated with utmost professionalism and promptness. Never leave a client out in the cold, waiting for sluggish updates and status reports. Flowlu guarantee sales contact management that can help any sales department become world class. With tools adaptable with any professional team looking to raise their expertise, Flowlu’s sales contact management software is guaranteed to improve sales across the board.

Stay on top of every issue, every update, and every client. With a contact database system created to help your team manage their time and schedules, you will find yourselves ticking off one task after another. Simplify your sales data and see it for what it is. Understand what your sales team needs to improve, and find those solutions with our sales contact management tools today.

Delegate with accuracy. Assign tasks to team members and keep track of every assignment—how long, what needs to be done, and other special notes, and so much more. Helping your team work as one.

Cloud-based invoice storage. Never have the issue of misplacing an invoice through multi-platform usage. Fulfill all your invoice needs straight from Flowlu, and keep all your files safe on the cloud.

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Tasks In CRM

Our CRM lets you keep detailed to-do lists for every customer. You will know how soon you need to deliver their projects, and any special requirements they asked for. Tell your team how far along in your sales process each customer is and what still needs to be done.

Leads Kanban Board

Kanban boards let you optimize your work and company efficiency. Add leads to them to know exactly where each prospective customer is in your sales process. Separate fresh leads from recurring customers. Know who to follow up on and what part of your funnel can be improved.

Lead & Contact Managment

Use our lead and contact management to keep detailed information on every possible customer. Know how far along in the sales process they are and who needs to be followed up on. Keep your customers happy and never forget to try a lead.

Events & Follow Ups

Create tasks for you or your team. These can range from important meetings to any little job. Flowlu reminds you that they’re coming up, and gives you enough notice to be prepared. Set reminders to get smaller jobs done or follow up on leads.

Powerful Reports

Flowlu will analyze your sales and financial data as soon as you plug it in. You’ll receive several reports on the efficiency of each stage of your sales funnel. Know where you’re losing prospects and where your team can improve.

Invoices Through The CRM

Use our CRM’s invoice feature to bill your customer directly from Flowlu. Use the cloud to organize invoices that still have to be paid from fulfilled ones. Never lose another invoice again. Have everything available online 24/7 for easy access.

Web Forms For Lead Generation

Web forms let you turn your site’s visitors into leads. Gather information on prospective customers, and let visitors give feedback about your website. Web forms give customers the ability to leave you requests and comments. The more data you have, the easier it is to optimize your sales process.

Multiple Contact Relations

Flowlu’s contact management let you keep all your important client data on the cloud. Know exactly who each contact is, who he works for, and what projects or services you need to deliver to him. Have everything available for you and your team 24/7.

Email To Lead

Quickly add sales emails to your list of possible leads. Flowlu provides you with several automated email addresses. Whenever you get a lead just forward the sales email to them, and it will automatically be saved as one of your leads.

Multiple Sales Pipelines

Our multiple sales pipelines let you separate your sales by workflow or product. Have a different process for different customers, markets, or projects. Compare each and see which one is being the most effective.

Use Flowlu as your system for sales contact management and improve our workflow immediately. The contact database system and calendar keep you on top of appointments and bookings, while sales automations take the headache out of day to day tasks. With reporting and analysis painting the whole picture in fine detail, Flowlu is the ultimate choice for sales contact management.

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