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8 Suggestions to Attract Top Talent to Your Company

Kristen Chung
Kristen Chung
August 10, 2022
5 min read
8 Suggestions to Attract Top Talent to Your Company
A competitive job market calls for businesses to reconsider their recruiting strategy. The desire to attract top talent does not turn into good results just by adding a bigger salary to your recruitment ads.

No, modern workers are picky, and it is hard to persuade them by paying a lot of money. The demands increase even more when we are talking about top talents that many companies pursue.

Changing certain policies inside a company can be quite demanding. On the other hand, failing to adapt to contemporary trends can be detrimental in more areas, not just a lackluster recruitment strategy.

Encourage Positive Work Environment

The first suggestion is to have a positive work environment. Many people leave their jobs because they cannot stand the toxicity of colleagues and superiors. There is only so much negativity one can take.

Positivity in a workplace can come from different sources. For instance, if the temperature in the office drops during winter, there should be a proper heating system and even blankets for a chilly office if employees are seeking extra heat. Similarly, an AC is a must during summer.

Besides the basic necessities, the overall atmosphere depends on how coworkers interact with one another. Politeness and respect should be encouraged throughout the entire hierarchy, from top to bottom.

That is not to say that casual conversations should not exist. If anything, friendly chatter, when appropriate, is also a good sign of a positive work environment.

Every little bit adds up and creates a bigger picture, so do not underestimate even the most trivial aspects that make the workplace. A small mishap can snowball and create too much negativity that can grow faster than one expects.

Provide Training Opportunities

Training opportunities are arguably one of the key aspects of attracting top talent. When someone joins a company, they usually expect to go up the corporate ladder. For that, it is necessary to improve your repertoire.

Of course, even if an employee is not aspiring to switch careers, they might still seek methods to get better at their job. The lack of improvement causes stagnation, and that leads to less motivation. An unmotivated employee is not productive.

One other thing to note about this suggestion is that a company that invests in training opportunities for its employees also shows loyalty, which is not necessarily that easy to find these days.

Make Positive References Public

Thanks to the internet, it is easy to find information about your next potential employer. The records are usually public, and if accessing the details is tricky, or you cannot find such records at all, then treat it as a red flag.

Having said that, public records are not necessarily enough to get a good idea about the business. Offering more details to the public makes sense from an employer’s point of view if the testimonies are positive.

You can ask current or previous employees to share their experiences about working there. Similar to how you see testimonials of previous customers on various websites, a similar approach can be taken. Only instead of customers, a company would publish feedback from employees.

Do not try to cheat, however. Tricking potentially interested talent to join by having fake feedback is only going to backfire.

Implement Socially Conscious Policies

Socially conscious policies should be more common, but not all companies are taking the necessary steps to implement these policies.

A company that genuinely cares about the environment and wants to make a positive impact gains bonus points in the eyes of potential recruits.

From organizing fundraisers and helping local communities reduce carbon footprint to using recyclable material where applicable, a socially conscious business has an advantage over one that fails to implement such policies.

Offer Remote and In-House Work

Both remote and in-house work arrangements have their pros and cons. However, as a company trying to attract the best possible employees, you should not have a restrictive stance on where your workers should do their job from.

The Covid-19 pandemic showed that people could do their job perfectly fine even if they are not in the office in person every day. Prohibiting remote work is an outdated policy and one that should not exist in a progressive company.

Ultimately, it is about having a happy employee, and if they want to work from home, they should have such an option so long as it does not interfere with their job.

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Create Friendly Competitions

Friendly competitions are great because they encourage banter and motivation for employees to excel in what they do. The banter part is excellent for team building, while the desire to win is rewarding by itself on top of what you can get by becoming number one.

Sure, there are instances when a competition goes too far. However, friendly rivalries should be encouraged within a company, even if it is only movie tickets, an extra hour for a lunch break, or another trivial thing on the line.

Recognize Employee Effort and Offer Feedback

Recognizing employee efforts is not necessarily something everybody wants. Introverted people would rather avoid the spotlight. At the same time, if you have someone who wishes to get recognition from their peers and supervisors, then a company should have such a policy.

The recognition does not have to be something grand. A congratulatory message on Slack for everyone to see or a newsletter mentioning the person becoming an employee of the month is enough.

Have Open Communication Channels

Open communication channels encourage positivity inside the company. If someone has a suggestion, for example, they should have the opportunity to express their ideas.

Having your voice heard is appreciated by employees because it makes them feel like their words matter.

Wrapping Up

All in all, attracting and retaining top talent is difficult in the current job market. Unless a company has the right culture and policies, the odds are that it will miss out on recruits because there are better options. The talent being pursued by many knows that they have the advantage, which means it is up to the recruiting company to persuade the potential employees.

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A positive work environment is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent. Many employees leave their jobs due to toxicity in the workplace, so creating a positive atmosphere with respectful interactions and a comfortable physical environment is essential.

Offering training opportunities shows that a company values employee growth and development. Top talent seeks opportunities for advancement and improvement, so investing in training can attract motivated individuals who are looking to enhance their skills.

Providing flexibility in work arrangements, including remote and in-house options, is essential for attracting top talent. The ability to work remotely has become increasingly important, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, and companies that offer flexibility in where employees work can appeal to a wider pool of candidates.

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