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Flowlu for Extraterrestrials: How the Star Power Team Grows Its Multigalactic Company With Flowlu
Flowlu - Flowlu for Extraterrestrials: How the Star Power Team Grows Its Multigalactic Company With Flowlu
Flowlu for Extraterrestrials: How the Star Power Team Grows Its Multigalactic Company With Flowlu
Remember our 2023 promotion, where we told you how companies across the Galaxy can use Flowlu? This time, we asked Lila, a senior project manager at Star Power, to give us a complete interview about their experience using Flowlu to manage intergalactic construction projects.

This case study is about how powerful Flowlu can be when it comes to CRM and project management for a company that works with clients from different areas and with different needs. How can Flowlu connect clients from all over the galaxy with one single company? Learn from this customer story!

Company Background

Star Power is an intergalactic construction company providing services on different planets, even those outside the outer rim. During different periods of time, they helped both the Galactic Empire, the rebellion, and the New Republic. Star Power is proud of its ability to adapt to different environments and the possibility to work with various clients from everywhere in the Galaxy.

Started as a small local construction startup on Tatooine in 34 BBY, Star Power started to work as a B2B company and mostly provided services for the Hutt Clan. Such strong communication with well-known brands provided popularity for Star Power among other clans and galactic organizations. As a result, the company was able to grow and spread offices across the galaxy.

The Challenge

Star Power was seeking an all-in-one solution to manage their clients and projects simultaneously, right at the time when they had spread their business out of Tatooine. They started to receive orders from other planets, from both the outer and inner rims.

We have offices on some planets that are big trading centers, but we also have clients on smaller planets. To send offers and discuss initial details, we need a complete suite where we can communicate with clients, store their contact information, manage projects, tasks, etc.

Lars SEO at Star Power

The Star Power team had been trying lots of systems for such purposes, but most of them were lacking something: CRM modules, projects, email integrations, automations, etc. They haven’t really believed in earthling designs.

Here are the main challenges Star Power faced before Flowlu:

  • difficulties in properly communicating with distant clients;

  • inability to issue invoices in different currencies;

  • lack of communication with teammates working on-site;

  • miscommunication in project details;

  • endless juggling between different apps.

According to the list above, it’s obvious that Star Power was in need of a complete suite of tools to manage clients, projects, and finances.


As Lila, the senior project manager, joined Star Power, the team decided to try Flowlu. Lila had some experience working with Flowlu before, when she had been working for another company based on the Earth, so the company decided to try it. But the most valid point was the fact that Flowlu is an all-in-one business management suite and seemed to have all the Star Power team needed.

To effectively communicate with clients, they were looking for a cloud-based solution because an on-site app is not an option for a multi-site company such as Star Power.

As I had some experience with Flowlu and knew that it works well for complex projects and communications, I pitched the idea to implement it in Star Power’s business processes.

Lila Senior Project Manager at Star Power

The Star Power team started to prioritize their needs. And, according to their main challenges, they decided to focus on CRM features first. They wanted their invoicing to be automated and integrated with the CRM module, so they could easily invoice clients in different currencies.

At the same time, they needed a professional toolkit for project management. The most important detail was the fact that Star Power is a construction company, and all their projects go through the same processes. So, they wanted to streamline their project workflows and save time on creating tasks and projects from scratch.

In fact, while working with Flowlu, the Star Power team found some other features surprisingly usable. For example, they started to use the Knowledge Base to share blueprints and instructions within the team.


The Star Power’s senior project manager, Lila, was responsible for the implementation of Flowlu. As the team had never had such systems before, she had to plan and build everything from scratch.

However, Lila decided to enlist the help of implementation droids. Overall, with the help of implementation service droids, it took about a month to carefully build all processes and automations in Flowlu. Moreover, the Star Power team was able to migrate all the data about clients with ease. Even though the CSV import was an outdated technology, Lila was familiar with it and easily migrated all contact information to Flowlu.


The Star Power team was able to automate 100% of their intergalactic communications as well as find new usable earthling technologies they hadn’t even known about. More than just a simple CRM and project management, they were also able to track their financial resources in all currencies of the galaxy.

Let’s have a look at the most significant benefits Flowlu brought to the Star Power team:

  1. Data-driven customer management. All communication with Star Power customers is currently based on automated sales pipelines.
  2. Planet exploration and construction workflows. Before starting to work on the new project, the Star Power team needs to research the planet’s environment. For such purposes, they built a step-by-step workflow with tasks and automations, so it can be assigned to each new project. No more boring, endless management to-dos to set responsibilities for each teammate.
  3. Streamlined multi-currency invoicing. With Flowlu, the Star Power team made it a breeze to automatically issue invoices in multiple currencies. However, they’re also able to track revenue and expenses on a Global Galaxy coin.
  4. & more.

Final Words

Currently, the Star Power team is growing its business and implementing Flowlu in more of their day-to-day operations. It’s a long Flowlu journey ahead for their team, and there are more new features to explore. When we asked Lila about the best tips to use Flowlu, she claimed that the best tip is to explore the knowledge base if you have any questions and also follow Flowlu on social media to catch every new update.

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