CRM With Invoicing

Flowlu is a free CRM solution with invoicing built-in! Cloud-based, customizable and available on iOS, Android and Desktop with unlimited free users.

Tasks In CRM

Flowlu CRM system lets you create extensive to-do lists for each and every one of your customers. Never miss a deadline or any of their specific requests. Keep track of how far you’ve advanced in your sales process with each client and share that info with your team.

Leads Kanban Board

Use the built-in Kanban board functionality to optimize your team’s efficiency. Add both your new and existing leads to the board to track progress in your sales process. See what part of the process can be improved and which leads are to follow up on.

Lead & Contact Managment

Use Flowlu CRM tools to manage leads and contacts with detailed information available at your fingertips. See how far you’ve progressed in the sales process and who you need to follow up on. Set automatic reminders about the most important leads and offer them the best possible experience.

Events & Follow Ups

Flowlu offers a task management system which allows you to create tasks for every job there is: from important meetings to routine follow-up calls by your managers. The CRM will notify you about everything, that’s coming up, giving you enough time to prepare.

Powerful Reports

Powerful analytics tools built into Flowlu will generate helpful reports on your efficiency throughout every stage of the sales funnel. Financial data analysis will help you improve your team and figure out where you’re losing potential prospects.

Invoices Through The CRM

Flowlu is a CRM with invoicing built-in, so you can bill your customers directly from it. With the cloud-based interface, all your invoices are available online 24/7. You can organize them instantly, never to lose another invoice again.

Web Forms For Lead Generation

With the various web forms you’ll be able to gather information on prospective customers from your website. Web forms are a great means of contact for your potential clients, since they will be leaving comments and requests on your website and the more data you have – the better!

Multiple Contact Relations

All of the important client data in Flowlu is kept directly on the cloud, which is accessible 24/7 from anywhere. Have detailed info on every customer – who he is, what services you are offering him and who he works for.

Email To Lead

Flowlu can quickly add a sales email to your list of potential leads. Several automated email addresses are available, so whenever there’s a new lead, just forward the sales email to one of those addresses to save it automatically as one of your leads.

Multiple Sales Pipelines

The sales environment is getting more and more complex. With multiple sales pipelines in Flowlu, you can choose the most effective sales process for each customer, market or project.

Use Flowlu as your CRM with invoicing system and exponentially speed up business activity. Automating trivial yet time consuming tasks is easy, along with notifications and reminders that never let you miss another appointment. Invoicing is simple and flexible, allowing you to raise and send invoices in a matter of clicks.

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