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No matter if you’re a business or a nonprofit, your success is driven by your employees. If you’re delivering projects, scheduling fundraisers, or selling products, you need to have control of every part of your organization. Flowlu’s free association management software helps you take your organization to the next level. Have one tool to manage everything: the time your employees work, this weeks goals, and your budget per project.

Free Unlimited Projects

Don’t worry about expensive monthly fees that limit your productivity. Have free unlimited projects to keep improving your business and customer experience. Keep clients happy by adding new features and always meeting deadlines.

Team Project Management

Use our team project management to lead remotely. Plan out projects, and create Gantt charts to list every step. Assign tasks to different team members and see how close they are to finishing them.

Powerful Time Tracking

Time tracking lets you see how long you and your team members have worked on each project. Make sure your employees are charging you the right amount. Give your customers an accurate invoice including time spent on their project.

Free unlimited invoices

Our software lets you invoice your customers directly from the cloud. Create new invoices and send them to customers at lightning speeds. Have previous invoices available on the cloud for easy 24/7 reference.

Multiple Businesses Management

Flowlu is designed to make running several different companies easier. You can set up all of our tools and reports to work for each of your seperate businesses. No need for different accounts, just separate your businesses and run them from the same interface.

Lead & Contact Managment

Use our lead and contact management to keep detailed information on every possible customer. Know how far along in the sales process they are and who needs to be followed up on. Keep your customers happy and never forget to try a lead.

Full Featured Mobile App

Our app takes all of Flowlu’s functions to your mobile device. Be able to lead your team, keep customers happy, and work on projects no matter where in the world you are. Always know what deadlines are approaching and what needs to get done.

Use our agile project management to set goals, and switch them up as you progress. Your software will prioritize different goals to get the job done efficiently. Our free association management software’s finance tools let you track money through every part of your business. You’ll know where it came in, what it was spent on, and what’s left over.

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