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Flowlu is a modern project software platform which brings together the most powerful tools to allow for high-level planning, project and product management, task organization and productivity growth. It does this through utilizing transparency, agility and motivation principals.

Why Flowlu?

With Flowlu, you can develop your business goals and planning strategies, organize and manage project execution, and track KPI progress, results and achievements - all in one platform.

Flowlu is a huge asset to project managers and team members as it provides a quick, at-a-glance view into what's going on with your project. At any time, you can see your overall workload, determine what to work on next, understand current and future priorities, and easily adapt when business goals change.

Designed to address all challenges posed to all kinds of organizations, Flowlu helps small businesses grow and expand and keeps large companies productive and efficient.

As you progress through your project, Flowlu will automatically collect all of your work data, transforming it into interactive reports and insightful infographics. These are designed to improve your planning and collaboration phases, as well as to help with resource allocation and inspire personal productivity growth.

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Free Unlimited Projects

Don’t worry about expensive monthly fees that limit your productivity. Have free unlimited projects to keep improving your business and customer experience. Keep clients happy by adding new features and always meeting deadlines.

Gantt Chart

Gantt Charts have several features to help you break down complex projects into manageable units. Set different milestones for your team, and create different projects stages. Let your team know what to prioritize and lead them at every step of the way. Always remember your deadlines and deliver on time.

Multiple Project Boards

Use multiple project boards to manage different contracts at the same time. Plan everything out for each client, department, or business. Give your team a detailed list of tasks and objectives, and update each board as they work.

Project Issues Tracking

Use project issues tracking to fix any problem as soon as it comes up. You and your team will be able to mark different issues or bugs, and suggest improvements. Then communicate with your team to resolve each issue quickly.

Project Time Tracking

Use project time tracking to let team members log their billable hours easily. Everything will be stored on a timesheet inside the project. Project time tracking is connected to our invoice system. Invoices will be automatically generated from each timesheet.

Project Cost Management

Project cost management lets you easily calculate the costs for each project. You can divide your different bills by category, whether it be advertising or employee paychecks. Know how much profit you can make from each project, and where you are overspending.

Documents Sharing

Documents sharing makes each job easier for your team. Instead of worrying about uploading the file to different places, just put it right next to the project. Your team will see the assignment, and know the files are right there for them to access.

Project Team & Collaboration

Use Flowlu to collaborate with your team on any project. Just add team members to the projects they should work on. Our software gives you the technology to brainstorm together, solve problems, and create virtual meetings. See how long employees have been working on projects, and what they’re charging you.

Invoices In Projects

Connect invoices to projects to always stay on top of your billing. See which clients still owe you money, and which invoices were already paid. Located right next to each project, you’ll never mix up invoices again.

Work on the Go

Wherever you are, stay connected to your project and team at any time through the Flowlu mobile application for iPhone, Android and mobile browser.


Make Every Day a Good Work Day

We help to ensure productivity each and every day by combining great work software tools with key principles of modern management science, and also through automating the best management practices as you work.


Tasks Planning

Utilize our Tasks Planning view to summarize all work which has been planned by users each work day, analyze workloads, view data required to optimize work distribution and boost team productivity, and enable better transparency and accountability.


Today Summary

With the Today Summary view, you can visualize every work day and stay organized by seeing all events, milestones, and tasks planned by any team members, department, or organization.


Flowlu’s free project management and collaboration tool online features a comprehensive suite to improve every part of your process. Use online workspaces to see what your team is working on and how close they are to completion. Our instant messenger lets you keep in touch and lets you be sure your team saw your messages.

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