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Which CRM Is Best For Facebook Leads?

Kristen Chung
Kristen Chung
May 19, 2023
6 min read
Which CRM Is Best For Facebook Leads?
If you’re looking for the best CRM to capture contacts for your leads and clients on Facebook, this article will uncover some top-pick CRMs for Facebook leads.

All businesses need some kind of marketing campaign to promote products or services. Many business owners still look at Facebook as one of the best places to invest their money and get new customers.

Facebook Ads

Implementing Facebook ads can certainly bring many leads and clients to your business. With such a huge audience, all businesses, no matter their size or industry, can truly benefit from this social network. However, you surely want your money to be wisely spent and that you target the best leads and customers. The ones that are really searching for the products or services that you are providing. This means that you need to use a tool to keep track of these new customers and leads.

One of the things that many businesses are already doing is that they're using their CRM system integrated with Facebook Ads so that they can capture, communicate, and engage with both leads and customers via social media.

Simply put, Facebook-CRM integration can provide features for tracking customer behavior, communicating with them via Facebook Messenger, and managing social media ads. But which one should you choose?

Best CRM Software For Facebook Leads


Flowlu CRM system can be seamlessly integrated with Facebook using Integrately. With a user-friendly cloud-based platform, you'll see how easy it is to be on top of each new marketing campaign you launch for your business.

One of the main things about using Flowlu is that it keeps all your customer communication in just one platform. You can handle different pipelines by always making sure that each one of your customers and leads is guided to your defined sales outcome. You may even add some extra fields that you believe can be useful for your business.

Since Flowlu CRM is cloud-based, it means that you can access it from anywhere at any time. No matter if you're at the office, at home, on the road, or anywhere else, as long as you have an Internet connection, you can see all your data easily.

In case you choose Flowlu to keep track of your Facebook leads, you'll be glad to know that you can try it for free without even adding a credit card.

Agile CRM

By using Agile CRM you can keep track not only of the brand-mentions and conversations related to your business but also the industry trends. This may help you create more engagement in your next promotional activities by using the different tools provided such as landing pages, marketing emails, mobile marketing, and social content.

If you're considering Agile CRM, it’s important to note, you can segment leads who are most likely to convert based on actions as well as keep track of the social behavior of both leads and customers.

Although the integration with Facebook is very smooth and non-brained, the Agile CRM free plan doesn't include access to the in-app telephony as Flowlu does.

Zendesk Sell

Even though we listed Zendesk Sell as one simple tool you can use integrated with Facebook, the reality is that it only allows you to use tools related to lead capturing. However, all the leads captured from FB will be automatically saved into the CRM database. This means that you can still use it for email campaigns, and automatically track deals and opportunities.

It's important to notice that besides Zendesk Sell doesn't offer any free subscription, you won't be able to use any social media listening tools that might be quite helpful to improve content for customer outreach.


If you choose Freshsales CRM, you'll be able to easily integrate it with Facebook allowing you to automatically capture leads from advertisements that are running on the social media platform. Another great advantage of using this CRM is that all your conversations in Facebook Messenger will appear in your Freshsales Chat Inbox, which helps you have all your data in just one place.

Even though Freshsales seems to be a great CRM system for Facebook leads, it's important to keep in mind that if you want to take full advantage of it, it can be quite expensive. The truth is that the free plan or the more affordable ones don't include these features.

HubSpot CRM

Perhaps one of the most popular CRM systems on the market, HubSpot had to be on this list.

As you can imagine, integration with Facebook is very easy to do and allows you to connect with multiple Facebook Meta products, including your Facebook business page, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and Workplace by Facebook.

Unfortunately, just like Freshsales, HubSpot's free plan doesn't include any automation tools or even customer care services. In addition, their plans can be quite expensive for smaller businesses.


Just like HubSpot, Salesforce is one of the well-known CRM systems on the e-market. But it is also extremely advanced making it far less intuitive for most business owners.

As you integrate it with Facebook, you'll be able to capture leads using Facebook Lead Ads. As soon as you capture these leads, you can then nurture and feed them with targeted content based on their profile, and send automated offers via email or mobile. You also have the possibility to get advanced analytics and reports that can give you actionable and powerful insights.

Since Salesforce doesn't offer any free plan and the plans they have are very expensive, this is a tool that can't be used by most business owners.

Which CRM Is Best For Facebook Leads?

As you already noticed, there are thousands of options in what concerns CRM systems for Facebook leads. However, as you can easily understand, choosing one or the other depends on many different factors. Besides your budget, you also need to take into account the ease of integrating such a tool, the goals that you have, and what you actually need.

Overall speaking, the Flowlu CRM system offers a simple solution for all businesses and all budgets. It’s not only free but it's also scalable which means that you can upgrade your system as your business grows. Since the integration is so easy and intuitive, this is definitely a plus, especially for SMEs that just simply can’t cover a huge expense.


When you're searching for the overall customer relationship system for leads that come via Facebook, you should definitely consider Flowlu. With powerful and easy-to-use tools, you can integrate Flowlu with any application of your choice. With this software, you can benefit more than just carefully storing and organizing your Facebook leads, but also can boost your overall business management.

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Knowledge base

CRM for Facebook leads is a system to automatically capture contact information from leads and clients that come from Facebook. Such a system keeps and organizes all the contact information as well as helps to build automated sales pipelines.

You can connect leads from Facebook to CRM in two ways: automatically with integrations or by using CSV import.

To automatically capture leads from Facebook and send them to your CRM system, you need to use native or third-party integrations, which send all contact information to the CRM database.

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