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7 Digital Tools for Business to Use in 2024

Flowlu Team
Flowlu Team
February 2, 2024
7 min read
7 Digital Tools for Business to Use in 2024
Data is the lifeblood of e-marketing, and there are lots of tools available to help you track, manage, and analyze your business’s metrics. From tracking website traffic to monitoring social media engagement, there’s an app for almost everything.

Here are seven digital tools every business should be using in 2024.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most recognized digital tool in use nowadays. It gives detailed and organized information about the website traffic that you can filter. It also includes information about where all visitors are coming from and how long they stay on your site. Moreover, it can also show you how users interact with specific pages and what words they used to find those pages.

Google Analytics is a free-to-use solution, but it has a number of features that may require additional fees from Google or other companies. These include:

  • Integration with third-party sites like Facebook or Twitter
  • Real-time reporting for eCommerce businesses

Facebook Ads

Facebook is an effective and affordable way to reach more customers. To get started, you’ll need to create a Facebook ad account. Once you create the account, you’ll be able to target certain groups of people by interests, location, and other categories. If you already have an online store where people can purchase products without leaving Facebook, then this is the option for you!

If you’re selling B2B products or services (like consulting or coaching), then targeting based on job title or industry might be more appropriate for your business goals. You can also set up custom audiences based on past customers who purchased similar items as well as email lists that were specifically created for this purpose (great for retargeting).

You may want to consider using video ads since they’ve been proven

LinkedIn Business Features

LinkedIn is a great tool for business networking. If you are not using it right now, start using it. You can connect with other professionals in your industry and build up your network.

The platform also allows users to post updates, which are then shared with their followers or friends on the platform.

These features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator are great if you want to share news about your company or its products and services, as well as keep everyone updated on what’s happening in the company or industry that they work in. It’s easy to use and will help grow the number of followers who subscribe to receive these updates from you regularly through email notifications as well as social media platforms like Twitter, where these posts might appear too!

Customer Relationship Management Software

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software helps with keeping digital track of current customers and leads. It allows for identifying their preferences, purchase history, and other information that will help you better serve them in the future.

You can use CRM software to keep in touch with customers by emailing or calling them at certain times of the year or when they make a purchase. This will help create an ongoing relationship between yourself and your customer, which could lead to repeat purchases down the line.

A good CRM will allow you to understand your customers better so that when they do make a purchase from you again — and hopefully even more frequently — they’ll feel comfortable doing so because they already know what kind of quality service or products they’ll receive from your business or brand.


Slack is a messenger app that helps teams communicate and collaborate with one another. It’s often compared to email because of its ability to send messages, but Slack has received praise for its notification format and use of emojis.

This tool can be used by businesses of all sizes to make their teams more efficient. Here are some ways you can use it.

Top 3 Slack Features

  • Send quick messages instead of phone calls
  • Keep your team in the loop regarding important company updates
  • Share links or photos with co-workers

Account-Based Marketing Tools

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategy focused on eye-to-eye communication with customers or users. In a nutshell, it’s the way to identify which accounts are most likely to buy your product or service and target them based on their stage in the sales pipeline.

By using ABM tools, you can find your best prospects, prioritize them and make sure they’re always at the top of your sales team’s list. Not only will this help you win more deals, but it’ll also save your company money by reducing time wasted on unqualified leads.

SEO Tools

Search engine optimization is the process of making and organizing content so it can be easily found by search engines. In other words, SEO makes your content more visible to people who are looking for look-alike offers.

The best way to use SEO tools is by making sure that your website’s contents are relevant to the keywords and phrases you want people to find when they search online.

SEO tools help identify how well your website is performing in the eyes of the search engines, such as Google and Bing. They’ll also help you find and eliminate any technical issues that might be preventing users from seeing or clicking on links — such as broken URLs or not mobile-friendly links.

How it Improves Decision-Making Process

According to R2 certified IT equipment recycler BigDataSupply inc, the most significant challenges for businesses today is understanding how to use social media to grow their business. There are many free and paid tools available that can help with this, including:

  • Facebook ads – Create ad campaigns targeted at a specific audience segment by industry or geography. You can also buy sponsored posts on Facebook, which appear in users’ News Feeds.
  • LinkedIn business features – Use LinkedIn as another way customers see what you’re up to (and how they could benefit). You might offer exclusive discounts or promotions through LinkedIn Premium—or grow your network by offering free products/services in exchange for referrals with the referral program.

Customer Relationship Management software tracks all of your customer interactions and keeps them in one place, so you have a complete history of each one’s experience with your company — from first contact through purchase and further activities. A good CRM will come equipped with email campaign templates that make building out specific messages easy without having to spend time doing it yourself each time; plus, it should include integration options so if someone clicks on an ad within Google Ads then goes directly into the system, without hitting a landing page first, then those conversion details are automatically captured too! These features make sure nothing slips through the cracks when trying new tactics like using different types like both search ads alongside traditional display ones.


These are just some of the most well-known tools that we think you should be using in 2024. The data from these services can inform you and help you make better business decisions. You don’t want to be left behind when it comes to digital marketing and e-commerce trends — after all, your competitors will be using these tools! So make sure you stay on top of what’s new in the world of technology so that your business doesn’t fall behind its competitors in this increasingly competitive market.

See the most answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can find even more information in the knowledge base.
Knowledge base

Digital tools are software and applications that tend to increase personal productivity or business performance by storing and organizing data as well as showing metrics for businesses to change their strategies.

  • CRM software
  • Cloud-based SaaS
  • New gen intranet platforms
  • Project management software

Digital tools help store data, analyze metrics, and automate business processes.

CRM software helps businesses manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. It aids in understanding customer preferences and purchase history, enabling personalized communication and fostering long-term relationships that can lead to repeat business.

Flowlu Team
Flowlu Team
February 2, 2024
7 min read
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