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Seamlessly Communicate With Your Clients With the Flowlu x WhatsApp Integration

Flowlu Team
Flowlu Team
January 29, 2024
3 min read
Seamlessly Communicate With Your Clients With the Flowlu x WhatsApp Integration
Still looking for the best way to keep all conversations with your customers in one single place to bulk manage them? We made it possible in Flowlu with WhatsApp integration.

In November 2023, we took our Interactions module out in public with two integrations: Telegram and Viber. But that wasn’t the end of new integrations for this module.

This time, we released probably the most-voted integration with WhatsApp Messenger.

What you can do With WhatsApp Integration

Simply put, this integration allows you to receive WhatsApp messages in Flowlu and vice versa. If the integration is active each WhatsApp chat will be sent to Flowlu in a second. What’s more, as a part of the Interactions module, WhatsApp chats are linked to CRM opportunities.

WhatsApp integration features:

  • Automated messages transferring from WhatsApp to Flowlu and vice versa;
  • Possibility to send messages from Flowlu to WhatsApp even if you don’t have a CRM account for this user;
  • WhatsApp icons in CRM contacts and opportunities for quick connection with clients;
  • Templated auto-reply for WhatsApp chats;
  • Automated manager assignment;
  • Sidebar for each WhatsApp chat with all related CRM information.

How to integrate Flowlu with WhatsApp

Flowlu x WhatsApp integration can be set up via our partner’s service - Wazzup. In our knowledge base, we prepared a step-by-step guide on how to set this integration in the Interactions module and ensure smooth 2-way synchronization.

WhatsApp integration is available on all Flowlu subscription plans, including the Free plan. The integration works via Wazzup - our trusted partner in integrations. After the 3-day Wazzup trial, you’ll need to pick one of their subscription plans to keep using the WhatsApp integration in Flowlu.

By clicking this link, you’ll receive a $10 deposit on your Wazzup account after registration.

Why Wazzup?

We decided to set up the integration via our trusted partners from Wazzup for a few simple reasons:

  • Wazzup operates smoothly 99.7% of the time to ensure smooth collaboration of Flowlu users with their WhatsApp clients;
  • 100% of your WhatsApp messages will be delivered to Flowlu;
  • All your data is securely encrypted, and no one will have access to your chat history or contact details;

What Else is New in Flowlu for January 2024: New Dashboard Widgets

Having quick access to all important data and statistics related to your business, especially its finances, is the most important element of business management software.

To provide you with overall financial visibility, we created four new widget types.

Now, you can add even more financial widgets to your Flowlu dashboard, including:

  • Dynamics of account balances. This widget will show charts of the most important financial business indicators.
  • Top clients by incomes and outcomes. This widget will help you analyze all the profits and losses of working with different clients. Compare two widgets to understand if working with a certain client is worth it or if you lose more than you receive.
  • Incomes and expenses by accounting items. Track how much income you received from certain business lines. For example, how much you earn for selling certain goods or services.
  • Profitability. Shows how your business performs within a current plan.
See the most answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can find even more information in the knowledge base.
Knowledge base

CRM integration with WhatsApp allows businesses to manage their WhatsApp messages alongside other customer interactions within their CRM system, enhancing communication and customer relationship management.

It streamlines communication by centralizing messages, improves customer engagement by providing timely responses, and enhances sales and support efforts by keeping all interactions in one place.

Yes, with WhatsApp integration, you can initiate conversations and send messages directly from your CRM system to your customers' WhatsApp, even if they're not stored as CRM contacts.

WhatsApp integration is accessible across all Flowlu subscription plans, including the free plan, via our integration partner Wazzup.

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