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Flowlu Updates for February 2024: Email Automations, Kanban Improvements & More!

Flowlu Team
Flowlu Team
February 16, 2024
4 min read
Flowlu Updates for February 2024: Email Automations, Kanban Improvements & More!
Not even a month has passed since we released the WhatsApp integration, and we're here again with a bunch of fresh Flowlu improvements.

Automations have finally made it to the Email module! What does that mean? It means that you can now integrate incoming emails into your workflow. The same as with automations for the Task, CRM, Project, and some other modules, automation rules in the Email module are aimed at saving you time on boring management to-dos.

We’ve also reimagined the organization of tasks on the Kanban board, added merging of sales opportunities, and given you the option to export budgets in .xls.

Let’s look a little bit closer at all the new improvements

Email Module Automations

If you’re tired of checking your email inbox to not miss a new email and manually creating tasks for your employees or teammates so they treat clients the best way possible, Flowlu has a solution.

We added automation rules to the Email module. Which ones? Here is the full list of available automations for emails:

  • create a notification;
  • request a response;
  • send a comment;
  • create a webhook;
  • create a task;
  • create an event;
  • create an issue;
  • send a Slack message (if the Slack integration is set).

Flexible settings allow you to trigger automations exactly when you need them. For example, when a new email is created, updated, or deleted, Conditions and runtime are available for email automations as well, the same as for other modules.

Use Cases

But how to use these automations? It’s up to you, but here are a few examples where you may need them:

  1. When the sales deal is closed, you delete email messages from the client but still need to have a report from your sales manager. Set the task creation automation with the trigger “when deleted”. You can predefine the name of the task, the assignee, and the workflow to which the task will be linked.
  2. If you want to have a report from your teammates once the email message details are changed, set the “request a response” automation. Therefore, if something in the email is changed, the assigned teammate will automatically receive a notification with a request to clarify details, or whatever you include in the “request a response” message.
  3. If you use a certain email folder in Flowlu as an inbox to receive bug reports from your users, you can automatically create issues (tickets) in the Agile module. Just set the “Create an issue” automation, link it to a certain project, set the “email folder is X” condition, and set the “when created” trigger.

To learn more about types of email automation and how to set them up, explore our knowledge base.

Kanban Board Improvements

We reimagined some parts of the UI and UX of our Kanban board. Kanban cards became more insightful but still very space-saving. But the most powerful here are the new organizing settings:

  • Sort by assignee, priority, creation date, and changes.
  • Scrolling in columns. Now, you don’t need to scroll the whole board to find the task; all you need to do is scroll the table.
  • Possibility to roll up the stage of the task workflow to focus on certain tasks.
  • New subtask settings. You can display them under the parental task or separately.

Duplicate Management for CRM Opportunities

Most of us probably experienced that frustration when we saw multiple sales deals related to the same person. It happens quite often when you communicate with one client from multiple sources at the same time: messengers, phone, and email.

As you may notice with our previous updates, Flowlu has become an omni-channel CRM tool with multiple integrations, including WhatsApp. To help you avoid miscommunications with customers, we added the merging of CRM opportunities.

This feature is available in the list view of CRM opportunities. All you need to do is mark duplicate opportunities, and then click the merge button.

Budget Export

In Flowlu, you can plan your revenues and expenses ahead of time with budgeting. With the last update, we expanded the feature with the.xls export. What’s more, you can add or remove tables and charts of the exporting budget by clicking the gear icon.

See the most answers to the most frequently asked questions. You can find even more information in the knowledge base.
Knowledge base

The February 2024 update for Flowlu introduces powerful email automations, significant improvements to the Kanban board, and a new feature that allows the merging of sales deals. These updates are designed to enhance workflow efficiency and streamline task and project management within Flowlu.

Email automations in Flowlu can be used to integrate incoming emails directly into your workflow, enabling actions such as automatic task creation, sending notifications, and triggering specific workflow steps based on email content. These automations save time by automating routine email management tasks and ensuring important emails trigger the necessary actions within your team or projects.

The Kanban board in Flowlu has been enhanced with new options for organizing tasks, including more intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, improved visibility and categorization of tasks, and additional filtering options. These improvements aim to provide users with a more customizable and efficient way to manage projects and workflows visually.

The merge of sales deals feature in Flowlu allows users to combine multiple sales opportunities or deals associated with the same client or project into a single entity. This helps in avoiding duplication, ensuring consistency in communication, and providing a unified overview of all sales activities related to a particular client or project. This feature is particularly useful for maintaining clean and organized CRM data, preventing confusion, and enhancing sales tracking and management.


Flowlu Team
Flowlu Team
February 16, 2024
4 min read
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