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Empowering Transparency: Realworld Systems' Journey with Flowlu
Flowlu - Empowering Transparency: Realworld Systems' Journey with Flowlu
Empowering Transparency: Realworld Systems' Journey with Flowlu
Realworld Systems is a software provider with a 30-year track record of empowering digital transformation in the telecommunications industry.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, Realworld Systems has a global reach, serving clients across Europe, Africa, the USA, and Australia. Their team of 100+ experts works side-by-side with major telecom and electricity companies to design, implement, and maintain intelligent software solutions.

Partnered with Oracle, Spatial Eye, Cortex, Accruent, and other digital providers, they offer cutting-edge tools that can automate and streamline everything involved in running a network – from the initial planning stages all the way through to keeping it up and running smoothly.

Before Flowlu

Prior to Flowlu, Realworld Systems used a multitude of different IT applications to manage various parts of the business. This patchwork approach created a few challenges:

  • Information was scattered across multiple programs, making it difficult to get a holistic view of operations.

  • Switching between different apps to complete tasks slowed things down and caused some delays.

  • Without a single system to keep everything organized, it was tough for different teams to communicate and work together effectively.

Realizing that their current IT infrastructure wasn't as smooth as it could be, Realworld Systems decided to find a more integrated solution. The company's top goal was to bring all their activities together on a single user-friendly platform. This would streamline workflows, make information readily available to everyone, and encourage teamwork across departments.

In their initial search, they looked closely at Odoo, particularly version 8. While Odoo had some interesting features, it wasn't quite the perfect fit for their unique requirements.


A key priority for Realworld Systems when evaluating new business management solutions was how easily and quickly they could move their existing workflows to the new system. They wanted minimal disruption for their team and a smooth transition. This meant the software needed to be flexible and able to handle their current tasks in a similar way.

To find the perfect software for every department, the Managing Director, IT Director, representatives from the Sales Team, Project Managers, and the Finance Manager took an active part in the selection of a new digital solution. Each member provided their ideas and requirements, making sure the chosen platform would be a win for the whole company.

They were actively looking for business management solutions that ticked all the boxes, and Flowlu quickly became a frontrunner. Ultimately, two things really made Flowlu stand out from the crowd.

Firstly, Flowlu was refreshingly simple to use. The interface was clear and easy to pick up, so the team wouldn't need weeks of training. This was important to get everyone on board quickly and really make the most of the platform.

Secondly, Flowlu provided exceptional value for money. It had all the features they needed, without any unnecessary extras that would just increase the price. Flowlu was a cost-effective way to reach their business management goals.

Implementation and Results

Realworld Systems started using Flowlu two years ago, and it's been a journey of continuous improvement. They quickly got up and running with half of Flowlu's features, but they're always looking for new ways to enhance their processes and get the most out of the software.

According to the Realworld Systems’ Managing Director, getting started with Flowlu was a breeze. The system is intuitive and easy to learn, so the Realworld Systems team was able to comfortably use 50% of features in no time.

One of the biggest wins since using Flowlu has been seeing a dramatic improvement in visibility across the company. Before, information was scattered like puzzle pieces. Now, everyone from the CEO to the sales team can see what's happening, where projects stand, and how the company's doing overall. This means better communication, teamwork, and decisions based on real information.

I am an early adopter and a great supporter of Flowlu because they have a great product that has significantly improved over time. Five years ago I started to use Flowlu as an entrepreneur and two years ago I pushed it in Realworld Systems.

Bogdan Hebean Managing Director at Realworld Systems

Flowlu's central hub gives the Managing Director a clear picture of how the company's doing. The sales team uses features like sales pipelines and opportunity tracking tools to move deals through faster and boost conversion rates.

Project managers love Flowlu's project workflows – they eliminate the need to build projects from scratch every single time. Plus, it comes with built-in tools for managing resources and finances, ensuring projects stay on schedule and within budget.

The finance team is celebrating too, thanks to Flowlu's invoicing capabilities. Invoices are now generated and sent to clients automatically, saving them a significant amount of time and effort.

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