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How Flowlu Streamlined Solarage's Workflow and Operations
Flowlu - How Flowlu Streamlined Solarage's Workflow and Operations
How Flowlu Streamlined Solarage's Workflow and Operations
The renewable energy sector is experiencing explosive growth, presenting companies with the demanding task of navigating large-scale projects, fostering cross-team collaboration, and keeping up with the pace of innovation.

These projects often demand meticulous planning, execution, and coordination to ensure their successful implementation. This case study delves into how Flowlu can facilitate the management of such projects.


Solarage is a multifaceted company specializing in renewable energy solutions and water treatment for residential, commercial, and utility-scale applications. The company is located in Chalkida, Greece. With a team of 12 dedicated professionals, the company offers turnkey solutions that include photovoltaic system design, installation, and maintenance.

Established in 2010, Solarage is committed to shaping a greener future by expanding its portfolio to incorporate energy storage systems. Additionally, the company is actively developing its e-commerce platform to provide a wider range of renewable energy and water treatment products to a diverse clientele, including individuals, entrepreneurs, large corporations, and engineers.


The Solarage team sought a solution that could simplify their day-to-day workflow and introduce automation capabilities.

Our projects are complicated, often involving public services and complex workflows for installations that require navigating layers of bureaucracy.

Apostolos Kissuras, Owner at Solarage

Simultaneously, they wished for a more sophisticated CRM system to effectively manage their client relationships and sales activities. However, they were not simply seeking a data repository for storing customer details, but rather a tool that would genuinely simplify their daily operations and empower their team to achieve more.

While their previous CRM, Zoho, offered a wide range of modules and extensions, Solarage found that such a volume of options made it challenging to navigate and utilize effectively. The team yearned for a solution that would streamline their workflow, enhance customer management, and alleviate the administrative burden associated with their complex projects.


Apostolos Kissuras, Solarage’s owner, having experimented with a variety of business management platforms, possessed a keen understanding of the essential features and capabilities that such a solution should provide.

As the company's owner assessed his choices, he prioritized automation and cost-effective user expansion at the company's account. To figure out the best solution for his firm, Apostolos searched through the internet and diligently looked through Capterra's database of user reviews.

After trialing different tools, he selected Flowlu as the ideal solution to meet company's business requirements, seamlessly integrating all the functionalities into a unified platform:

  • Flowlu empowers Solarage to streamline their ecommerce operations by effortlessly incorporating automation into their tasks and projects.
  • Additionally, Flowlu's predefined project workflows provide Solarage with a well-structured framework to effectively manage and execute projects from start to finish.
  • Furthermore, the platform offers the flexibility to create multiple customized pipelines, ensuring that the firm can tailor their processes to align with their specific business needs.
  • To further enhance efficiency, Flowlu allows automatically generating tasks, alleviating Solarage from the burden of manual task creation.

The company owner shares that the best part is that all these features — contacts, projects and opportunities — are accessible with just three clicks, making it effortless for Solarage to achieve operational excellence.


While Solarage has taken approximately three months to establish and integrate Flowlu into their business processes, they still consider themselves in the initial phases of implementation. Currently, they have only implemented approximately 20% of their envisioned workflow and automation capabilities.

The team anticipates that it will take around a year to fully realize their goals and maximize the potential of Flowlu across all aspects of their operations. This extended timeline shows company's commitment to thorough implementation and their dedication to ensuring that Flowlu seamlessly integrates into their existing processes without causing disruptions or hindering productivity.


Since implementing Flowlu, the Solarage team has experienced a number of significant benefits, including:

  • Streamlined project management: Flowlu has provided the company with a suite of tools to manage projects more effectively. This includes features for task management, scheduling and reporting.
  • Data-driven decision-making: Flowlu has given the company a centralized hub of project data. This data can be used to track progress and make informed decisions about resource allocation and project prioritization to deliver projects on time, within budget and according to customer requirements.
  • Improved workflow efficiency: Flowlu has helped to streamline the company's workflow, eliminating the need to switch between multiple tools and applications. This has saved time, reduced errors, and improved overall productivity.
  • Better customer management: By leveraging Flowlu's CRM automation capabilities, the company anticipates a significant boost in sales, but the most impactful benefit lies in the enhanced control they now have over customer needs.

The team has embraced Flowlu's pre-set project workflows as their most favored feature, appreciating the efficiency and streamlined approach they bring to project management.

Flowlu has seamlessly integrated into the daily operations of multiple Solarage team members, including the owner, account managers, e-shop administration, accountants, and engineers. Over the next three months, the team’s planning to focus on refining and optimizing current workflows and tasks, particularly for complex installations.

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