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How Nord Cranes Systems Enhanced Process Efficiency 4x with Flowlu
Flowlu - How Nord Cranes Systems Enhanced Process Efficiency 4x with Flowlu
How Nord Cranes Systems Enhanced Process Efficiency 4x with Flowlu
Faced with the challenges of excessive time spent on repetitive tasks, ineffective client communication and inefficient data management, Nord Cranes Systems embarked on a journey to reshape their operational framework.

Gain insights into how Nord Cranes Systems took control of their projects, optimized workflows, and achieved remarkable improvements in customer satisfaction by integrating Flowlu into their day-to-day processes.


Nord Cranes Systems is a firm specialized in the manufacturing and upgrading of industrial cranes. Alongside this, they offer a range of services, including technical consulting, the installation and dismantling of machinery, and the repair of various lifting equipment. The company operates with a team of 20 skilled employees. Their clientele primarily consists of businesses in the heavy industry, energy, and manufacturing sectors.

Established in 2016, Nord Cranes Systems has navigated several challenges over the years. These include dealing with the impact of external environmental and operational factors on the lifespan and functionality of their equipment. Additionally, the company has encountered challenges in adhering to stringent timelines and schedules. A significant hurdle has been the recruitment of highly skilled and qualified personnel to meet their specialized needs.

Before Flowlu

Originally, Nord Cranes Systems employed four primary methods for information management and team collaboration:

  • MS Excel.
  • Cloud storage.
  • Redmine.
  • Email.

However, this approach led to several issues, including information loss, clients not receiving timely feedback, excessive time spent on routine tasks, and the absence of a uniform standard for operations.

To address these challenges, Nord Cranes Systems began searching for a comprehensive software that could integrate all of their essential operations. Despite a thorough search, the company found it challenging to locate a single system that fulfilled all their specific needs.


During their search for appropriate business management software, Nord Cranes Systems emphasized the need for a system that centralized customer management and project tracking in a readily accessible way. The company's director, Artur Gotlijevskij, took an active role in this selection process. Initially, they came across Flowlu through Facebook. Flowlu is an all-in-one platform for business management, team communication and workflow automation.

Flowlu met all our requirements. Friendly and simple interface. Good support. Affordable price.

Artur Gotlijevskij Founder and CEO at Nord Cranes Systems

Implementation and Results

After completing their training, the team at Nord Cranes Systems swiftly adopted Flowlu, quickly integrating it into their everyday workflow. They began initiating all new projects on Flowlu, while wrapping up ongoing ones with their previous methods.

The implementation of Flowlu brought about a remarkable transformation: they gained full control over their projects, saw a reduction in time spent on certain tasks, and experienced a significant improvement in customer service quality. Some essential processes became 2 to 4 times faster. This speedup was achieved through the automation of repetitive tasks, and the enhanced visibility into project progress.

Primarily, the team uses CRM, reporting tools, and project management features. The utilization of Flowlu automation rules helped to minimize errors and optimize work efficiency.

Flowlu's automation rules are a set of predefined triggers and actions, designed to streamline workflows and help teams save time. These rules automate routine tasks, reduce manual intervention, and improve consistency in operations. They can be customized to suit various business needs and processes.

Key features of Flowlu's automation rules include:

  1. Workflow Automation: Streamlining project management processes by automatically updating tasks, sending notifications for important events, or changing project statuses.
  2. Email Automation: Sending out automatic emails for client follow-ups, project updates, or reminders, based on predefined conditions.
  3. Task Assignment: Automatically assigning tasks to team members based on specific criteria or workload.
  4. Data Entry and Update Automation: Ensuring that customer or project data is automatically updated across the system when changes occur.

The automation rules help in reducing the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing teams to focus more on critical aspects of their work. This efficiency set Nord Cranes Systems apart from their competitors, as their client interactions became both high-quality and speedy.

Another Flowlu’s feature, the client portal, was particularly beneficial, allowing the firm's clients to track the progress of their ongoing projects, including milestones, tasks, and status updates, without the need to constantly contact the company for updates.

Flowlu’s client portal is a centralized location for sharing important documents, invoices, and contracts, ensuring both parties have access to necessary information. It enables direct communication between clients and your team, facilitating clearer, more efficient conversations. Plus, the portal can be customized to reflect your company's branding, providing a consistent and professional experience for clients.

When we asked Artur, the company director, what he would recommend to other Flowlu users, he suggested that they should aim to integrate and utilize the platform's capabilities to their fullest extent. He emphasized the importance of exploring every feature, from project management to customer relationship management, to ensure that businesses can leverage the software for maximum efficiency and effectiveness in their operations.


  • Flowlu provided Nord Cranes Systems with a centralized hub for managing their projects and tasks, enabling them to gain full control over their workflows, track progress, and identify potential roadblocks promptly.
  • By streamlining their processes and automating routine tasks, Nord Cranes Systems experienced an efficiency improvement and gained a more productive workforce.
  • Flowlu’s centralized communication and collaboration tools enabled Nord Cranes Systems to maintain transparent communication with their clients, keep them updated on project progress, and address their concerns promptly.

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