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Flowlu is the ideal invoice software for automotive business. Send professional invoices straight from the cloud anywhere, anytime!

Free unlimited invoices

Our cloud-based solution offers immense utility for your invoicing. With Flowlu, you’re able to invoice your customers straight from the cloud at amazing speeds and have them available to you 24/7.

Share Direct Link & Send by email

You’ll be able to send invoices to your team without delay – and with several useful options as well! Send them by email, download them or create direct links – it’s all in the interface.

Products & Services Catalog

Billing has been made easy with a detailed products and services catalog. Our software provides you with a database of all your products and services, including their cost. Just add them to the invoice before billing your customer.

Taxes, Discounts, Shipping Charges Online

Each and every invoice can contain a number of different charges that you can create and add. Keep your customer up to date on the added costs, like taxes, shipping or any discounts that you can offer.

Reminders For Customers

You don’t need to worry about not following up on a client after billing. Flowlu sets up automatic reminders for you and your customer so you’re always up to date on the billing process.

Online payments

It is vital that payments are made as easy as possible for your customers. Flowlu invoice software lets your clients pay directly from the invoice page. Moreover, it provides a detailed list of various charges, like taxes and shipping, so your customer can then pay straight from their computer.

Flowlu’s automotive invoice software is powerful, professional yet user friendly. Generate stunning invoices using templates, customise with logos and your own formatting and send direct to clients with ease. Complete with a full set of project management and finance tools, Flowlu is the number one choice for automotive invoice software online today.

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