The It Knowledge Base Leader

Flowlu has been called the IT knowledge base leader because of the variety present in one program. With 9 different sets of tools you’ll be able to keep a detailed look at every part of your company. Better yet, you can do all of this from one easy to use interface. Forget about having to switch to and from different sets of programs to run your different departments.

Company Knowledge Base In a Single Point

Use Flowlu to create a company knowledge base with all your important data. Input everything from financial information, to notes on clients and what leads still need to be followed up on. Have everything available from the same cloud based interface 24/7.

Free Unlimited Knowledge Bases

Free unlimited knowledge bases help you stay on top of your work. When working with different departments or different businesses, keeping information organized can be difficult. Use unlimited knowledge bases to carefully sort everything. Your data will be available on the cloud 24/7 for easy access.

Search in Knowledge Base

Once your create a knowledge base, don’t worry about not finding the information when you need it. A search bar will get you to what you are looking for in a few seconds. Use keywords to search through your knowledge base and filter out results.

Knowledge Base Access Management

Some facts are just more sensitive than others. Use our knowledge base access management to restrict who can access what information. Restrict it to yourself, your senior employees, or certain team members. All your data will be secure and only viewable by the right people.

Help Center Knowledge Base

You'll be able to share a help center for your customers. Your customers and users can view it anywhere on the internet, regardless of their device, the software they are using or the status of the information.

Full Featured Mobile App

Our app takes all of Flowlu’s functions to your mobile device. Be able to lead your team, keep customers happy, and work on projects no matter where in the world you are. Always know what deadlines are approaching and what needs to get done.

Flowlu gives a detailed analysis of every sector of your firm from one screen. The IT knowledge base leader, you’ll have tools to lead your team, use online workspaces to see what everyone is getting done, and finance tools to track your cashflow. You can even bill customers directly from Flowlu to keep all your data in the cloud.

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Flowlu - The It Knowledge Base Leader