Online Task Management Tools

Turn plans into action with Flowlu’s online task management tools. Assign tasks, track progress and collaborate across the cloud. Notes, comments, secure file sharing and a live instant messenger function ensures precise communication, wherever your team is based in the world. A flexible calendar system works hand in hand with detailed Gantt charts to help you strategize, organise and execute even the most complex of projects.

Free unlimited tasks

Don’t let software limits restrict your productivity. Free unlimited tasks allow you and your team to constantly improve your service. Keep setting goals to reach and tasks to fulfill to make your customers happy.

Task Control Center

Use our task control center to manage every task from one screen. Create new ones, assign them to different team members, and see how soon they will be done. Always stay on top of deadlines and know you will be able to keep your customers happy.

Lightning Fast Task Management

Just hit create a new task, type up the details, and assign it to individual team members. There are no long processing times or complicated forms. You can quickly communicate to your team members what needs to get done.

Keep Focus on Important Things

Use task management to prioritize urgent tasks, jobs, and projects. After creating a task, sort it into different focus blocks. Let your team know what to work on first. Be notified of what tasks need your approval, and designate the ones you would like to follow.

Powerful Time Tracking

Time tracking lets you see how long you and your team members have worked on each project. Make sure your employees are charging you the right amount. Give your customers an accurate invoice including time spent on their project.

Collaboration & Team’s Workload Management

Our collaboration features let you create and assign tasks at lightning speeds. Use online workspaces to see how long your team has worked, and how close they are to completion. You’ll always know which team members are swamped with work, and who’s free for new projects.

Team Project Management

Use our team project management to lead remotely. Plan out projects, and create Gantt charts to list every step. Assign tasks to different team members and see how close they are to finishing them.

Join Flowlu and enjoy complete control over your tasks and projects. Our powerful set of online task management tools improve productivity, organisation and workflow within your business. Communicating and converting ideas into actions has never been easier. For the most comprehensive task management tools online, sign up to Flowlu today.

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