Access Rights

Email access rights are set both in the Email module and each mailbox separately.

Email Module

These access rights can only be set by the account administrators.To do this, go to "Get More Apps" → "Email"  → "User Access Settings".

Or, go to "User Management" → select a teammate for whom you need to set permissions → click on the "Access Rights" tab.

There are two types of access to Email module — employee and administrator. You can also deny access to this module to a user.


The employees can connect email accounts and have full access to their emails. In email templates, they can view the templates and add new ones.


The administrators can connect email accounts and have full access only to those mailboxes to which they have access. In templates, they can delete and edit all email templates.

Email Account

The mailbox is only available to its owner. But you can always grant the access to necessary employees to your mailbox. Access rights are set up individually for each mailbox connected to Flowlu.

Go to the account settings. On the "Access Management" tab, select users or user roles and set permissions separately for each teammate/role:

  • read,
  • send (including reading),
  • edit and send.