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Cycle Time Report

Cycle time is the time it takes for a task to move from the first stage of the agile workflow to the last. In general, cycle time is a part of the lead time, but excluding the backlog time.

In Flowlu, the cycle time shows for how long the task had been in the backlog and on each stage of your Agile workflow (To Do, In Progress, Approval, Approved). 

How To Create a Cycle Time Report

Method 1

Select one of your Agile projects. Go to the Project Details and click the Reports tab.

 Click on the cycle time report.

You can also create a lead time report from the Reports module. Click the module's icon on the bottom of a sidebar. Go to the Agile Projects Cycle Time.

Select the project you want to create a report for.

Setting Up a Report

The cycle time report has a diagram view. Each column in the report is a task. 

 Workflow stages have their own colors, which you can see below the diagram. Hover your mouse over the column to see how long the task had been at each stage.

You can also define issues limits. Don't forget to press the Apply button to apply changes. 

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