Stage 1. Settings

Main Settings

Click on the avatar in the upper right corner and go to System SettingsFinanceGeneral Settings:

In the User Access Settings tab, check the user access rights. Employees have access only to invoices. Administrators—to invoices, transactions, and financial reports.  

If you do not want employees to see other persons’ invoices, disable the Users have access to all issued invoices option on the Settings tab. If you leave the option enabled, then the managers will be able to view and comment on other persons’ invoices, but will not be able to make any changes.

Allow users to create Payment Received for invoices manually—enable this option if you believe that managers can mark invoices as Paid by themselves. If you disable it, then only administrators of the Finance application will have this right.

Use invoice approval—this is necessary if you do not want to make mistakes associated with invoicing. When checking a box here, the system will offer you to appoint the person responsible for invoice approval. Enter an accountant or a CFO name. Note that the person responsible for approval must have the administrator rights of the Finance module.

Disallow to make changes of sent invoices—we recommend checking this box if you do not want to have any confusion in the invoices.

Set the "Create transaction" checkbox by default when create a payment received for an invoice—disable this option if you do not plan to record the invoice transactions in the system. Read more about this at Processing invoice payments manually.

Send a Thank You email to the customer when the invoice will be paid—when processing the invoice payment or receiving an online payment, the e-mail message will be automatically sent to the client about the payment received. Use this option to increase the number of touchpoints with a customer.

Allow to set an invoice number manually.
Sometimes it becomes necessary to change the invoice number so that it would match the number of invoices, created, for example, in another system. If this option is enabled, an additional field appears in the invoice creation/editing window, where you can specify the number manually. By using this number you can track the invoice payment in the future. If you leave this field blank, then the invoice will be automatically assigned to the next sequence number.

Settings of Email Templates for Sending Invoices

Email templates can be created in the System SettingsFinanceOrganizations. There are three templates of invoice letters available:

  • when sending an invoice via e-mail;
  • when sending the reminder about the payment;
  • when sending the confirmation letter of payments received.

When creating a template, you can use the following variables: