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How to Connect Twilio to Flowlu

Learn how to connect Twilio to your Flowlu account to make and attend calls right from your CRM. Please note that you need to use this integration with the softphone application or VoIP Phone.

Step 1. Install the Telephony Module

Go to "Marketplace" and install the Telephony module. Note that only account administrators can manage the account's applications.

After the module is installed, you will be transferred to the Portal SettingsTelephonyMain Settings.

Select Twilio telephony from the list.

To connect Twilio telephony, you will need the Account SID, Auth Token and Region. Also, you need to configure several settings within your Twilio account.

Step 2. Set Up the Integration

First, configure the settings within your Twilio account.

Go to your Twilio account, VoiceManageCredential Lists and create a new credential list to add users. Indicate a friendly name, username and password.

Next, go to VoiceManageSIP Domains and create a new SIP Domain.

Add a Friendly name, SIP URI, IP Access control list, Credential list (that you've created before).

Next, enable SIP Registration and select your credential lists at SIP Registration section.


Go to your Twilio account and find the Account SID and Auth Token

Copy them and insert to your Twilio Integration page in Flowlu. 

Then, go back to Twilio and navigate to the Phone Numbers → Manage → Active Numbers

Click on your active number and navigate to the Voice & Fax section. Here you can see your region to fill in this information in your Flowlu account.

After that, click Activate in your Flowlu account. You will be able configure other settings later. 

After activating the integration, you'll see a link that you need to insert at your Twilio account at several fields. 

Navigate to Twilio to the Phone NumbersManageActive Numbers. Click on your active number and go to Voice & Fax

In the Configure With field, select "Webhook, TwiML Bin, Function, Studio Flow, Proxy Service". Then, insert the link from Flowlu to the following fields: A Call Comes In and Call Status Changes. Make sure to choose HTTP Post for both of them. 


Next, go to VoiceManageSIP Domains. Select your SIP domain. 

Navigate to Call Control Configuration.

In the Configure With field, select "Webhook, TwiML Bin, Functions, Studio, Proxy". Then, choose Webhook and insert the link from Flowlu to the fields: A Call Comes In and Call Status Changes. Make sure to choose HTTP Post for both of them.


Step 3. Call Processing

After connecting telephony, you need to define scenarios for processing calls in Flowlu. Flowlu offers the following options for both incoming and outgoing calls:

  • Creating a contact.
  • Creating an opportunity (always or only for received calls).
  • Creating a task (always or only for received calls).

You can pre-define a workflow for tasks, and a sales pipeline and source for opportunities. You can choose whether to create tasks for all calls, only successful calls, or only failed calls.

If you want to display the last failed call in the "Planned" section in the opportunity and CRM card, select the appropriate option. In this case, if you have a missed call or failed to reach a customer, this information will be located at the very top of the feed in the "Planned" section.

Step 4. Users

If you successfully connected the telephony, you will have a new section "Users" and SIP Domain Users will be loaded.

You need to manually relate the appropriate employee from your Flowlu account to Twilio user. 

If this employee is assigned a specific CRM account, they will be the first to get an incoming call from this person. 

If it is a new contact which has no assignee, that the call will be forwarded to the person marked in the list (by dot in the left column). 

The "Import" button allows you to refresh the page of users and load the missing users, if you, for example, have just added them to your telephony account.

When all the data is filled in, press "Save."

To remove the telephony from you account, select the "Deactivate" option.

Step 5. Connect a Softphone or IP Phone

Next, you need to configure your SIP endpoint. You could use softphones (like Zoiper) or IP phones. 

Download softphone application and add your Twilio Credential Lists to log in. For connecting your IP phones, please use the appropriate instruction to ensure smooth connection. 

When you call someone from Flowlu, it will first call you back through the softphone interface. You need to accept this call and then the connection will be established. 

Learn more about the telephony options.

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